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The Hunger Pains


In the 2012 movie sensation, The Hunger Games features an annual made for television competition for 24 contestants ranging from 12-18 years of age.  If chosen, a boy and girl represent one of 12 districts in the nation of Panem.  These select few are taken to the Capitol for training before taking part in this fight to the death event, with only one survivor.  Set in a futuristic North America, the Hunger Games serve as punishment for a previous rebellion and to control future attempts.

In the spiritual world, there is a similar game, To Obey or Not to Obey.  Many individuals suffer from a grass is greener on the other side disillusion.  Not satisfied with their own gifts, life and talents, people hunger for a new identity, hoping the emptiness inside their hearts goes away.  Subsequently, a growing number of participants wander down the highway to hell, Matthew 7:13, unaware of the destruction awaiting each soul.

Over the past few months, my hunger for writing has eased up, resulting in a lower audience at Express Yourself 4Him and fewer readers.  This loss of appetite correlates with a decreasing time of reflecting on the Bible.  Whenever I partake in a full course meal of Bible study, prayer and worship, my hunger pains for the world subsides.  Yet, the more I neglect my spiritual condition, these desires for the world multiple.  Therefore, be careful what you wish for or you might find your heart on the wrong side of the fence, Matthew 6:21-23.

by Jay Mankus

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