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The story behind the author Jay Mankus.  Like the man born blind in John 9:1-5, I had to overcome a severe speech impediment.  When I could not clearly express what was on my heart or in my head, I was forced to wait, placing my feelings on paper.  Although I did not experience a biblical like miracle, God healed me gradually following a special evening during my junior year of college.

Before the age of 21, I expressed myself through sports.  God blessed me with a passion for athletics earning all conference and county honors in cross country, qualifying for states in the 100 breaststroke as well as earning a bronze medal as a team in the 200 Individual Medley Relay and placing in the top 13 twice at the state golf tournament, receiving all state hours my senior season.  In college, I was fortunate to win 2 Ultimate Frisbee Intramural championships, one on a co-ed team and another with just boys.  In addition, my Walleyball team won another championship, before falling later on that season in a March Madness tournament, losing to members of the University of Delaware’s Volleyball team in the finals.

What matters most is my faith journey which began on December 4th, 1984 at a Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s event in Philadelphia.  While my path hasn’t always been on the straight and narrow, its like running.  Though most don’t understand why someone would actually enjoy running mile after mile, I have reach a point of no return, embracing the journey, regardless of where the Holy Spirit leads me.  This calling has led me to become a youth pastor, attempt professional golf, start a family, attend seminary and teach the Bible for Middle and High School students at a large Christian Academy on the East Coast.  Despite being in a period of transition the past 2 years, God has helped me complete a movie script about my testimony, start this blog and wait for directions to my next assignment.

Thank you for visiting!  May the words that I have etched lead you to fulfill Colossians 1:6-7.  Until the end, make your reservations today if you’ve forgotten, 1 John 5:13.  Go with God and He will go will you!

by Jay Mankus


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