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When Guardian Angels are Ushered into Action

To some, angels are a myth, a figment of your imagination.  For others, the concept of angelic beings is something you grow out of, like a childhood phase.  Yet, those who place their trust in the Bible, hold a belief, clinging to the promise of Psalm 91:11, hoping and waiting for the day for this verse to come true.

There appears to be 3 prerequisites before guardian angels are assigned to your side.

1) Individuals need to reach a point of desperation, recognizing that the only safe place on earth is resting in the shadow of God’s wings, Psalm 91:1.

2) In additional, priorities must be reorganized until a trust level develops, leading people to seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness. Matthew 6:33-34.

3) Finally, to complete the setting for angels to enter the scene, souls must be willing to give up  complete control, yielding the reigns of their life to Jesus, Matthew 16:24.

Unfortunately, most Christians want results without the effort on their part.  As those who bypass the sweat and tears part of this equation, a lack of results leads to bickering as disenfranchised customers complain to God.  Despite these cries, their treatment is no different than that of Israel in Isaiah 1:15.  The missing ingredient is perking God’s attention.

Right now, angels are looking down from heaven, waiting to get into the game.  However, until the prayers of the saints ask for a hedge of protection, angels will continue to sit on the bench.  The words of Jesus is Matthew 7:7-12 are just begging leaders to make specific requests now.  “You don’t have because you haven’t asked!”  May this blog inspire you to proclaim bold prayers so that guardian angels will be ushered into action today.

by Jay Mankus




The Shopping Test: Who is Naughty and Nice ?

If you go to the grocery store or shopping mall, you will likely be tested to see just how patient you are.  Finding a parking spot can be an adventure as oblivious individuals will walk in front of you car, others rush to get the last close spot and the lazy leave shopping carts in parking spaces to make your blood boil.  When you finally locate a cart, trash is often left in the bottom, filled with expired coupons.

As you make your way into the entrance, speeds vary, like a Nascar race going 4 wide into a corner.  However, the fast lane isn’t always the left, requiring zig zag maneuvers to navigate your way to finish your check list.  Non planners talk on the phone the whole time, stopping right in front of you without warning.  Meanwhile, the carefree window shoppers, seem to block your intended route every other aisle.  Courtesy separates the naughty from the nice, in a hurry to get to no where, as the self absorbed carry on, going as fast as possible.

Today, I failed the shopping test, bickering, complaining and talking to myself the whole time.  My idea of shopping is like a quick splash and go on pit lane, trying to stay out in front of the crowds.  Instead of enjoying the journey, impatience has made by grumpy, frustrated by a lack of urgency demonstrate by my fellow shoppers.  On my way out to the car, the Holy Spirit convicted me of Philippians 2:14-15.  Although I didn’t directly voice my beefs, I was naughty, not shinning the light of Christ as God calls, Matthew 5:13-16.  See where your patience falls on the Shopping Test Scale.

Level                                                                                     Attributes                                                                                      Meter


1                                                                                              Calm & Relaxed                                                                           Pleasant

2                                                                                              Sarcastic & Slightly Irritated                                                 Okay

3                                                                                              Rolling your Eyes / Frustrated                                             Selfish

4                                                                                              Gossiping / Grumbling                                                             Angry

5                                                                                              Ignorant / Rude                                                                          Naughty



Where do you fall on the scale? Any thoughts on how to become more patient?


by Jay Mankus

What’s Missing From this Picture?

Regardless of how intelligent or talented you are, everyone goes through periods of slumps, where you are not as productive as usual.  The baseball player can’t get buy a hit.  The running back can’t seem to hold on to the ball anymore.  The jump shooter turns into a brick layer and the goalie treats each opponent like its Christmas.  Likewise, the doctor struggles to diagnose a cold, the engineer wrestles to find a quick solution and the teacher babbles away period after period.  When these circumstances find you, what’s the missing answer, ingredient or piece to your dilemma?

Deep within the pages of the Bible, I think I have unearthed a principle that might just be the missing link.  In Acts 16:22-24, Paul, Silas and Luke find themselves in an awkward predicament, imprisoned for freeing a slave girl.  Instead of arguing, bickering and complaining, somehow they are led to fulfill the words of Psalm 150.  Embracing their situation, Paul and Silas begin a worship service in prison.  This spirit of praise moves God to unleash a violent earthquake, likely 6.0 or higher on the Richter scale.  This natural disaster opens a door for ministry, setting the scene for a spiritual breakthrough.

From a personal perspective, I think I have become too worldly to experience a Pauline like miracle.  However, if I dedicated myself to fasting, prayer and worship, opportunities to share my faith would be plentiful.  Like losing weight, the only remaining question is, do you have the discipline and will power to change.  The apostle Paul went to extreme measures to insure a Christ-like behavior in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.  Therefore, if a slump resides in your soul, struggling to find meaning and purpose in life, why not apply Psalm 150:6.  Maybe this is the only thing preventing you from getting over the hump.  May this be the last piece you are searching for.

by Jay Mankus

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