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The Shopping Test: Who is Naughty and Nice ?

If you go to the grocery store or shopping mall, you will likely be tested to see just how patient you are.  Finding a parking spot can be an adventure as oblivious individuals will walk in front of you car, others rush to get the last close spot and the lazy leave shopping carts in parking spaces to make your blood boil.  When you finally locate a cart, trash is often left in the bottom, filled with expired coupons.

As you make your way into the entrance, speeds vary, like a Nascar race going 4 wide into a corner.  However, the fast lane isn’t always the left, requiring zig zag maneuvers to navigate your way to finish your check list.  Non planners talk on the phone the whole time, stopping right in front of you without warning.  Meanwhile, the carefree window shoppers, seem to block your intended route every other aisle.  Courtesy separates the naughty from the nice, in a hurry to get to no where, as the self absorbed carry on, going as fast as possible.

Today, I failed the shopping test, bickering, complaining and talking to myself the whole time.  My idea of shopping is like a quick splash and go on pit lane, trying to stay out in front of the crowds.  Instead of enjoying the journey, impatience has made by grumpy, frustrated by a lack of urgency demonstrate by my fellow shoppers.  On my way out to the car, the Holy Spirit convicted me of Philippians 2:14-15.  Although I didn’t directly voice my beefs, I was naughty, not shinning the light of Christ as God calls, Matthew 5:13-16.  See where your patience falls on the Shopping Test Scale.

Level                                                                                     Attributes                                                                                      Meter


1                                                                                              Calm & Relaxed                                                                           Pleasant

2                                                                                              Sarcastic & Slightly Irritated                                                 Okay

3                                                                                              Rolling your Eyes / Frustrated                                             Selfish

4                                                                                              Gossiping / Grumbling                                                             Angry

5                                                                                              Ignorant / Rude                                                                          Naughty



Where do you fall on the scale? Any thoughts on how to become more patient?


by Jay Mankus


A pet peeve is an annoyance, infers complaining or results in an irritating experience caused by someone else’ actions, habits or mannerisms.  To belittle means to deride, disparage or put down another person in order to make your point or to build up your own self esteem.  Since a series of demeaning events led to infuriation within me last week, I have added belittling to my personal list of pet peeves.

One of Jesus’ pet peeves while on earth was also belittling.  Let’s just say that Jesus didn’t take too kindly to seeing adults belittle others, especially children.  In Matthew 19:13-15, Jesus even corrected his own disciples for their lack of concern for the human psyche of young people.  Meanwhile, Jesus didn’t hold back his true feelings, publicly exposing the legalism of the Pharisees in Luke 6:1-11 by healing and helping others on the Sabbath.

When I taught high school, students complained to me from time to time, upset how other teachers had treated them earlier in the day or week.  At the time, I could not relate, see or understand their point of view.  However, now that I too am undergoing what they went through as a student in a new position, I see the light.  I recognize now that no one, teachers included like to be belittled by another individual.  Therefore, I refuse to sit back, allowing others to be talked down to.  I won’t turn over the tables like Jesus in Mark 11:12-17, but I will rebuke and reveal to these people how you should talk to others, Matthew 19:14.  Follow the golden rule and things will go well for you, Matthew 22:39.

by Jay Mankus

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