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It’s Not Beginning to Look A lot like Christmas

Perhaps Christmas has become passe?  Or maybe commercialism has contributed individuals from losing sight of its meaning.  Either way, holiday music has been unsuccessful in preparing hearts to find the Christmas spirit.

You don’t have to go any further than Black Friday’s encroachment upon Thanksgiving to see and feel these effects.  Thanking God for the day has been interrupted by football, movies and shopping.  Add in mobs of citizens making a mad dash to get the last item left in the store; then you’ll realize its not beginning to look like Christmas.

As long as hearts continue to dwell on selfish desires, Romans 3:9-12, individuals will be unable to experience the true meaning of Christmas.  Possessing the spirit of Christmas isn’t something you can turn on and off.  Rather, you need a heart transplant, Romans 10:9-10.  Only then, you will the grinch inside of you vanish, opening the door for good tidings and joy to shine through.

by Jay Mankus


The Day We Broke God’s Heart

Like a proud parent watching their son and daughter play in a local little league, God felt helpless as Eve dropped the ball and Adam picked dandelions as the devil traded an apple for sole authority over the earth in Genesis 3.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the first naturally born child allowed jealousy to convince him to murder his younger brother in chapter 4.  The last straw occurs in Genesis 6:5 as mankind’s heart and mind turned toward every possible evil inclination.  This was the day we broke God’s heart, Genesis 6:6.

The reason I use we instead of they is based upon Romans 3:9-12.  While our stories are not recorded in the Bible, history is being repeated as most of God’s created beings are following in the footsteps of sinners.  Every morning, God is waiting for his people to acknowledge Him, Psalm 150:6.  However, busy schedules, entertainment and work causes most of us to let days slip by without saying hello in prayer or crack open the Bible to listen to God.  Instead, most human beings are led astray by humanism, naturalism and selfish desires.  Thus, by these careless actions, we are breaking God’s heart all over again!

Maybe this is why God allows individuals to endure humility, trials and defeats.  Sometimes, we need to have our own hearts broken, which makes it painfully obvious to us that we can not make it through life on our own.  In fact, this also explains why Jesus states that in order to find life you must be willing to lose it, Matthew 16:25-26.  The choices you and I make will shape our eternal futures, either toward heaven or closer to hell, Matthew 7:13-14.  Moses was right when he said choices have consequences in Deuteronomy 30:15.  May this blog challenge you to renew and or begin a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, Romans 10:9-10.

by Jay Mankus

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