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Just Give Me a Crumb

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is an opinioned woman, regularly sharing her beliefs with reporters.  During one press conference, Pelosi gave her initially thoughts on the 2017 Tax Reform Bill passed by Republicans in Congress.  Referring to the middle class, Pelosi compared $1000 bonuses given to blue collar workers as merely crumbs.  Since no democrat in the Senate voted for tax reform, Pelosi tried to discredit this impact on the growing American economy.

Now the woman was a Gentile (Greek), a Syrophoenician by nationality. And she kept pleading with Him to drive the demon out of her daughter. 27 He was saying to her, “First let the children [of Israel] be fed, for it is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the pet dogs (non-Jews),” Mark 7:26-27.

The Bible has its own story about crumbs.  Whenever Jesus entered a city or town, he usually went to synagogues to teach Jews about the kingdom of God.  Based upon the Great Commission detailed in Acts 1:8, Jesus began his earthly ministry reaching out to God’s chosen people of the Old Testament first.  On some occasions, God fearing Gentiles, non-Jews, displayed more faith and zeal than everyone else.  The woman introduced in the passage above refused to take no for an answer, desperate to see her daughter healed.

But she replied, “Yes, Lord, but even the pet dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” 29 And He said to her, “Because of this answer [reflecting your humility and faith], go [knowing that your request is granted]; the demon has left your daughter [permanently].” 30 And returning to her home, she found the child lying on the couch [relaxed and resting], the demon having gone, Mark 7:28-30.

The average person would have walked away unfulfilled after Jesus’ initial rejection.  Filled with persistence, this Syrophoenician woman was shrewd, giving a quick reply that even astonished Jesus.  Essentially, this Greek begged Jesus, pleading with him to just give her a crumb.  Recognizing the power of Jesus, even a crumb was enough to heal her demon possessed daughter.  May we all strive to follow in this godly woman’s footsteps, wrestling with God in prayer until the answer you are waiting on arrives.

by Jay Mankus

Wars You Can’t Win

Political battles rage daily in congress, making their case of pulling out, not backing another country or recognizing that some wars you can’t win.  Whether its the war in Afghanistan, Iraq or the next tense situation, common sense screams, “certain places in the world aren’t worth fighting for since there is no clear winner if you engage in war!”  When this or that country has been battling it out for centuries or close to a thousand years, why shed innocent blood?  Hopefully, someone in Washington D.C. will learn this lesson soon.

On American soil, there is a different kind of war brewing, the war of public opinion.  In the 1997 film Wag the Dog, Dustin Hoffman plays a Hollywood producer who deceives the American people of a fictional war in Albania.  Using special effects, talking points and a montage of sound bytes, Hoffman convinces the people of a war that doesn’t exist.  Today, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtubes are the weapons of choice, steering minds in their direction.  In a world of shrinking absolutes, where opinions have become elevated to fact status, this war is like chasing the wind.

The only thing you can control in this life is your own character.  Sure, your enemies will attempt to assassinate your reputation, yet your actions, attitude, behavior, body language and words serve as a means of defense.  As long as you are consistent, you can’t control what others says on blogs, Facebook or Twitter.  Therefore, fighting back or responding to your critics is futile.  By coming down to their level, you are strengthening their argument.  Despite the mud opponents sling your way, display prudence by recognizing they are some wars you just can’t win.

by Jay Mankus

The Media’s Double Standard

While the scene was different, the Navy Yard in Washington DC, Monday’s mass shootings follow the patterns of Columbine High, Virginia Tech and Fort Hood.  Unfortunately, this tragedy will likely inspire Congress, nudged by the media, to take drastic measures to restrict or take away more freedoms of Americans.  Based upon the initial coverage, the gun or guns used are to blame, not the individual, Aaron Alexis, who has been portrayed as nice and quiet with a few instances of hearing voices in his past.

New York Daily News

Meanwhile. the media appears to have no problem with reality shows like Amish Mafia that promotes revenge and violence, displaying several of these acts on camera, with a few containing guns.  In response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting last December, the Discovery Channel did cancel American Guns despite regularly promoting gun safety and offering self defense classes for women.  Nonetheless, when the latest frenzy over gun control subsided, the History Channel has since added God, Guns and Automobiles.  As long as it continues to have good numbers and makes the network money, this show will remain until the next crisis.

I wish networks could apply the same principles they portray in horror movies into real life massacres.  Saturday Night Live had a regular skit with Dana Carvey playing the Church Lady with the famous quote, “could it be Satan?”  Well, if Aaron Alexis did hear voices before planning this and eventually pulling the trigger, why isn’t anyone in the media talking about Genesis 4:6-7.  Cain allowed envy and jealousy to build up within him until it exploded, resulting in murder.  Demons and the Devil is real, not just something from Friday the 13th flick.  May God convict the media of their ignorance and open their eyes to the powers that push individuals toward evil acts, Ephesians 6:12.

by Jay Mankus

While We Were Sleeping

Still of Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock starred in the 1995 comedy romance playing a toll booth collector who falls in love with a man in coma.  Exaggerations lead to gossip, gossip to rumors and eventually everyone believes Sandra is engaged to this man who doesn’t even know she exists.  While he was unconscious, she falls in love with his brother.  While many churches in America have been spiritually sleeping, many of our citizens have fallen in love with sinful desires, lusts of the flesh and the ways of the world, 1 John 2:15-17.

The motto in “In God we trust” was inspired by the Civil War, cultivated from a letter sent in 1861 to Secretary Chase from Reverend Watkinson, a pastor in Ridleyville, Pennsylvania.  Secretary Chase wrote a letter to James Pollock, the Director of the Philadephia Mint  in December 0f 1863 with designs for a one, two and three cent coin with 2 options:  OUR COUNTRY or GOD, OUR TRUST.  On April 22nd, 1864, Congress passed this Act into law by placing In God We Trust on the back of a two cent coin.  The Reverend’s letter came full circle when congress and the president approved a joint resolution on July 30th, 1956 to declare “In God We Trust” as America’s national motto, inscribing this on the back of all one dollar bills.

When the church as a whole took a decade long nap, the Bible was removed from public education in the early 1960’s, even though the Bible was the initial inspiration for education based upon the New England Primer.  Prayer quickly followed as atheists, the minority religion at this time, convinced public officials to separate the church from state based education by banning prayer from schools.  It’s no wonder that a 1962 high school diploma is now equivalent to a college bachelor’s degree, when knowledge was taught, not ideology, political correctness and secular worldviews.  Yes, the church slept through the 60’s, responding to the sex, drugs and rock and roll era with weekly fire and brimstone sermons in the 1970’s.

As church attenders felt they were going to hell after each sermon, government officials began to fundamentally change America forever.  Roe vs. Wade in 1974 made killing unborn babies legal, resulting in 55 million abortions since the 1970’s.  Prior to this decade, married spouses who considered divorce were excommunicated from churches.  Today, many pastor’s embrace marrying the same people 2 or 3 times, creating extra money for their family.  At a time when communities needed churches the most, to hold and support their families together, once again the church was asleep at the wheel.

Though President Obama has indeed fulfilled his 2008 promise to fundamentally change America, there were forces in play, behind the scenes preparing the way for his socialist agenda.  Labor unions, government officials and Marxists have enabled president Obama to create a nanny state where God doesn’t have a seat or home.  Though our currency still has His name on it for now, how long will it be until this too will be erased.

If Washington state and Colorado can vote overwhelming to legalize marijuana, this is an obvious sign the end is drawing near to our once great nation, Romans 1:18-20.  Arise O church, awake from your slumber.  A third great awakening is necessary to change the course of America before we become like the great fallen empires of the past.  Stop hitting the snooze button while there is still time to get up, be involved and make a difference in your neighborhood.  The body of Christ needs you immediately!

by Jay Mankus

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