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Coasting on Cruise Control

If you’re traveling cross country in a car or planning a long day trip, the invention of cruise control is a nice luxury.  Although vacation traffic may limit your opportunities, open highways, especially at night, provide a chance for drivers to rest their legs.  With only a few weeks of summer remaining, try to get away for a little R & R coasting on cruise control.

From a spiritual perspective, coasting through life is something that you want to avoid.  Unfortunately, there is where I find myself, using a busy work schedule as an excuse.  Somewhere in the last month, I’ve lost my spiritual mojo.  As a result, my devotional time is sporadic, prayer life lame and influx of the Holy Spirit is wading.  Like the classic line from Star Trek, I feel like Captain Kirk’s frequently request to Scotty, “I need more power!”

Regardless of your circumstances, sooner or later everyone grows tired, Isaiah 40:29-31.  When you reach your breaking point, find yourself exhausted or wake up spiritually numb, God saw this coming.  In these days of desperation, running on empty, you might find yourself crying uncle, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.  While coasting on cruise control led you to this state, yielding to the Lord will help you rise up from the ashes of despair.  Fan into flame 2 Timothy 1:7 so that the only coasting you do in life is driving in the country.

by Jay Mankus


Life is Just a Blip on the Radar Screen

Modern television is filled with episodes or series devoted to UFO’s, unidentified flying objects.  Several shows claim unidentified “bogeys” entering foreign air space. They are not from this world, far more technologically advanced than our planet.  These blips on radar screens don’t belong, creating tension for pilots who encounter the unexplainable.  As theories continue to fester about the existence of aliens, one thing is certain: life is just a blip on the radar screen.

Depending upon the career you choose, hand you’ve been dealt or how you were raised, life seems to go faster the older you become.  While talking to former students at a going away party over the weekend, my teaching career seems eons ago.  Before you know it, 7th graders are graduating from high school, accelerating this blip, like the USS Enterprise at warp speed.  On this journey through life, unless you take time to slow down, Psalm 46:10, your life will be void of permanent meaningful lasting relationships.

King David eludes to this blip in Psalm 49:10, where no one is exempt as the foolish and wise perish together.  Perhaps this may explain Solomon’s comments in Proverbs about using wealth to earn and entertain friends, taking his father’s words to heart.  The younger brother of Jesus learned a similar lesson, comparing life to a mist that vanishes into thin air, James 4:14.  In view of this truth, seize the moments you have today, Ephesians 5:15-18, making the most of the opportunities God provides.  Make your blip count before it disappears on life’s radar screen.

What legacy are you leaving behind for friends, family or neighbors? Who has been the greatest blip on your radar screen?

by Jay Mankus

Reruns from the Past

Although Trekies will always view Leonard Nimoy as Spock, for me he was the host of my favorite show growing up, “In Search Of.”  One of the few books I read outside of school was by the author Daniel Cohen.  Cohen and Nimoy were a perfect compliment as one researched mysteries like Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and Yeti while the other interviewed eyewitnesses  to prove whether or not these legends were fact or fiction.  If you look closely, today’s programs are imitations, re-branding old titles with modern names.

For instance, once In Search Of ran its course in time, Unsolved Mysteries was born passing the torch to a new generation of inquiring minds.  As this became passe, Monster Quest took over with an emphasize on unknown creatures supposedly living in the United States and abroad.  Whenever viewership waned, another show arose like Finding Big Foot, Swamp Wars and Monsters and Mysteries to take its place.  The question must be asked, “are these animals real or is Hollywood deceiving millions annually with reruns from the past?”

If you use the Bible as a reference for history, Psalm 104:24-26 suggests there are creatures hidden from mankind.  The Leviathan is a mythological sea creature, perhaps similar to giant squid or encounters with the Kraken off the coasts of Greenland and Norway.  Despite these facts, the skeptics will continue to doubt until a body is found, clear evidence is captured on film or they have their own close encounter.  Until then, don’t be surprised to see new programs re-branding old titles like reruns from the past.

by Jay Mankus

More Power

As I was watching a rerun of Crimson Tide today, I am reminded of the impact Star Trek has had on Generation X.  Denzel Washington uses a famous line from this series to inspire Vossler, an electronic specialist, to regain radio transmission of their sub as soon as possible to avert a nuclear war.  Whenever Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner in Star Trek, felt the U.S.S. Enterprise was in danger, he would contact Scottie, asking for more power to engage warp speed to dodge trouble.

Since I have spent the last 6 days working the night shift, I have been in warp speed mode.  During this fast paced week, I have been  lethargic, lacking the spiritual power I need to remain rock solid in my faith.  While the Bible was only a few steps away, my body seemed paralyzed, unable to reach out, open the Word up and begin reading.  Meanwhile, prayer was just a breath away, but my transmission between God and I failed.  Thus, I am in desperate need of an infusion, like the Jeff Deyo song More Love, More Power.

The former lead singer of Sonic Flood, Jeff Deyo reveals that more power is available through worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ.  According to Psalm 149, praise has a generating effect on our body, sparking dancing, rejoicing and singing.  When you initiate a relationship with Jesus, Romans 10:9-10, the power of the Holy Spirit produces a life altering result, Romans 8:1-4.  Therefore, if you are experiencing a power outage or spiritual shortage like me this week, don’t be discouraged.  Claim the promise of Philippians 4:13 like Bethany Hamilton in Soul Surfer and God will provide a wave to guide you safely to shore!

by Jay Mankus

an honest servant of Christ

Prop Me Up Lord

I was tempted to name today’s blog “Beam me up Scotty” after a line from the television series Star Trek.  Instead, I resisted this urge by focusing on my real intention, being propped up by God, Exodus 17:11-13.  The picture above is a rock formation from a cave in Virginia often used as a prop to hold yourself up during the hour long Skyline Caverns tour.  Personally, when I’ve grown tired  of the ups and downs life throws at you, I often lose my way.

In the exploratory stage of my faith journey, God used a high school sharing group to prop me up like Moses in Exodus 17.  As I began to listen to the struggles other people my own age were having, God showed me the importance of leaning on one another.  This biblical principle is clearly demonstrated by Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes 4:1o, two people are better than one.  While reflecting on my nearly 30 years of learning how to follow Christ, God has provided countless people to prop me up spiritually in times of need.

When you fall publicly, God reveals to you who your true friends are in life.  Acts of kindness, generosity and shepherding help you get back on your feet, dust yourself off and provide a sense of hope for the future.  Although I still feel like a webble wobble, the Lord has sent me people like Brad, Spencer and Jon to prop me back up so I don’t fall over the pit of despair.  Look around today to see who the Lord can use you to help prop up with the Lord’s strength, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

by Jay Mankus

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