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Maybe its me, but the older I become, the harder it is to possess energy.  On certain days of the week, just getting out of bed is an accomplishment, wondering if I want to repeat the endless cycle pf work.  Unless you begin to tap into a higher power,exhaustion is a likely destination.

Fatigue is a byproduct of exhaustion, the result of mental and physical exertion.  Perhaps, this may explain God’s establishment of the Sabbath.  When a driven person goes extended periods without rest, souls will eventually run out of steam.  Subsequently, drain, lethargy and weariness become a reality for those who try to live apart from God, John 15:1-5.

Repetition is a key element of teaching.  Human nature causes most students to forget what they have been taught.  Likewise, authors of the Bible practice this same principle, regularly reminding its readers of past events.  Without being aware of history, individuals will often repeat previous mistakes.  Therefore, if you want to avoid extended periods of exhaustion, pray the words of Psalm 109:22 to lift you out of states of drowsiness.

by Jay Mankus

Is Anything Sacred Anymore?

Dedicated, devoted and revered are words often associated with individuals who appear connected with God, demonstrating faith on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, as I look around, searching for a cause to believe in and get behind, few seem to contain a spirit of holiness.  In view of this, I wonder if anything is sacred anymore?

As one of the patriarchs of Israel, Moses had an open line of communication with God, retreating up to Mount Sinai, seeking advice, direction and guidance for the Jewish people.  During one of these face to face encounters, the Lord reminded Moses of an essential weekly discipline.  Leviticus 23:2 introduces a list of sacred assemblies appointed by God, the first taking place on the Sabbath, Saturday for Jews and Sunday for Christians.

This day of worship should not be celebrated alone.  Rather, resting from work for 24 hours should be replaced by congregations of like minded believers eager to honor a living God.  Although illness or vacation may result in missing a few services throughout the year, don’t allow guilt or regret to interfere with your praise.  When God’s children begin to live out the words  of Psalm 150, sacred assemblies can unite souls and God willing, usher in revival.

by Jay Mankus



A Day of Rest

God created the earth in 6 days according to Genesis 1.  After completing His most prized creature, man, God rested.  While receiving the 10 commandments from God, Moses was the first to communicate to Israel the concept of a Sabbath Day’s rest, Exodus 20:8.  If you summarize the first 4 commandments, keeping the Sabbath holy is one of 4 ways you can demonstrate your love for God.

From January 2nd to March 20th, I was restless, worried about how I was going to provide for my family.  Although I attended church almost every Sunday, my mind was constantly racing, worried about what I was going to do, where I was suppose to be working and how is this going to affect my family.  Night after night I wrestled with these thoughts, resulting in a few hours of sleep each night.

Today will be my first Sunday in church all year knowing I have a place to go to work on Monday.  God has revealed a piece of the puzzle, with others pieces that still need to be put together.  However, I now have a different perspective of the Sabbath.  A profound appreciation for work and God’s desire to be still before His presence, Psalm 46:10.  So join me today, resting in God’s divine providence.

by Jay Mankus

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