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Paranormal Survivors

Paranormal Survivor is now in its second season on Destination America.  This show interviews eyewitnesses to strange encounters, often bringing in experts in the field to explain supernatural events.  In recent years, reality television has shined light on topics that in previous years was considered taboo or too bizarre to consider.  However, one of the first documented cases of paranormal survivors comes right out of the Bible.

One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?”- Acts 19:15

Casting out demons in the middle of the first century became a common experience for apostles and disciples of Jesus.  This fascination led some outside the faith to begin to emulate the apostle Paul.  According to Luke, seven sons and a Jewish chief priest were in the middle of an exorcism when a demon manifested itself.  The individual who was possessed was filled with multiple spirits.  Since the sons of Sceva were powerless without a personal relationship with God or access to the Holy Spirit, they were attacked and fled.

Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding, Acts 19:16.

A generation ago, churches were afraid to bring up the topic of demons, dismissing it as an exaggeration or waste of time.  However, in this age of spirituality, people are opening doors for the Devil and demons to come into their lives.  Subsequently, manifestations of ghosts and spirits as detailed on the show Paranormal Survivor are not as uncommon as it use to be.  Therefore, depending upon where you move to, work or visit, don’t be surprised if you encounter the paranormal.  Until then, fast, pray and draw near to God.

by Jay Mankus


The older I get, the more I realize that certain areas, places or regions are under some sort of spell.  Whether you’re easily agitated, frustrated or oppressed, demonic strongholds can elicit various emotions like a feeding frenzy.  The hardest part of diagnosing this situation is that its invisible, protected by an animus history.  Like an episode from Paranormal Survivor, these conditions call for a prayer-vo-lution.

Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been kept by the Holy Spirit from preaching the word in the province of Asia, Acts 16:6.

Christian historians have developed what is known as spiritual mapping.  Based upon previous leaders, residents or significant events, the spiritual atmosphere of territories can be altered.  For example, a church in Chicago once faced a string of bad luck.  These unusual occurrences continued for years until one member discovered their church was built in a neighborhood filled with witchcraft.  After a time of prayer-vo-lution, the curses were reversed, opening the door for blessings in the future.

And do not give the devil a foothold, Ephesians 4:27.

I’m not an expert in this field, but I have seen how prayer can transform an entire campus.  During my semester as a teacher in West Virginia, I felt a need to start praying in the building where I taught.  This took place for about a month, when a spiritual hunger developed within several students.  By the end of the school year, a prayer-vo-lution began to permeate the hearts and minds of teenagers.  If you appear to be facing a spirit of resistance, perhaps a prayer-vo-lution will remove the barriers currently blocking your way.

by Jay Mankus




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