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I Can’t Wait Another Day to Act

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, combing your hair or shaving, mirrors reflect the grim reality of physical features.  Every minor imperfection is magnified, leaving a spirit of disappointment hovering over hearts, minds and souls who have let their bodies go.  As I looked at my expanding waist line the other night, one thought reverberated in my head, “I can’t wait another day to act!”

Gone are the days of high metabolisms as bad eating habits show up quickly.  In the meantime, the freshman 15 has led to the married 25, resulting in the lazy 50.  When your eyes are opened to a crisis of weight, you have 3 options: accept it, continue in a state of deny or be motivated to make drastic changes.  As for me, I’m somewhere between accepting and action, praying for the discipline for success.

Luke 14L28 suggests that everyone should consider the cost before making any decision.  Whether you’re contemplating a career change, diet or move, you have to weigh the pros and cons.  Although I haven’t developed a concrete plan, exercise and giving up soda is a good place to start.  Regardless of the obstacle standing in your way, don’t wait another day or else the additional calories may be too much to overcome.

by Jay Mankus




Waking Up Fat

For the first 18 years of my life, I was a lean, mean running machine, never weighing more than 140 pounds.  In college, I grew out, gaining the freshman 25, then bulked up by working out several days a week.  By the time I married, I leveled out at 180 pounds, exercising a few times each week to stay in shape.  After being chased by stray dogs for several miles on consecutive days, I decided to retire from jogging.  Subsequently, as time passed, one day I woke up fat.

When you stand and look at yourself in a mirror, its only uplifting if you’re in shape.  Unfortunately, countless individuals have developed 6 packs, cases or keg shaped bellies.  Some where along the way as your metabolism slows down, all it takes is poor eating habits or consuming too many calories by drinking beverages to become bloated.  Once you reach this point, you only have 2 real choices, make drastic changes or accept your obesity.

Although millions are annually concerned with their physical weight, people can also become spiritually obese.  Usually, this process begins with an innocent break from God.  “I’m not going to go to church this weekend?  I’m too tired to read my Bible.  I just don’t feel like praying today; nor do I know what to say to God anyway.”  Often, one day becomes a week, weeks turn into months and before you know, you haven’t talked to God in years.  If you find yourself here, remember the words of  1 Timothy 4:8.  Put Jesus’ words from Matthew 7:24 into practice or else you might become like me, waking up fat.

by Jay Mankus


Cracked Mirrors

Before the popular video game, Halo was actually a Christian Metal band from Alabama, named after the acronym Heavenly Angelic Light Orchestra.  Relatively unknown for a decade touring in the south, Halo received national attention in 1991 with their song entitled My Buddy.  This songs illustrates how a son seeks to emulate their father like a mirror.

My buddy sees believing
my buddy sees before
and my buddy is a mirror
hanging on the wall
my buddy sees beside him
and my buddy hears the talk
and my buddy will see Jesus
lead me as i walk

(2nd stanza)

Unfortunately, what children often hear and see from their parents is life altering.   Abuse, abandonment, affairs and hypocrisy are just a few factors which have left cracked mirrors for children to put back together.  According to The Gospel Coalition, divorce rates among Christian families vary depending upon an individual’s dedication to God.  Among those families most devoted to Christ, divorces rates are roughly 20%.  On the other hand, those who relationships with Jesus waver, divorce rates can approach 60%.  According to a former Liberty University case study, the families that pray together stay together with 1 out every 1,024 praying couples divorcing.

Although this number is encouraging, cracked mirrors are swaying high school students to abandon their faith in college.  Several studies are revealing 60% of evangelical students put their faith on hold while attending college and nearly 50% never return to church following graduation.  When parents, myself included, send a mixed message to our children, living a fully devoted life for Jesus doesn’t appear or seem worth their time or energy.  The apostle Paul provides a solution for these shattered mirrors in 1 Corinthians 13:11-12.  Parents must begin to put aside their childish ways and begin to act like mature followers of Christ, Ephesians 5:1-2.  Jesus is the glue which can restore our cracked mirrors.

by Jay Mankus

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