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Another Day Flushed Down the Toilet

There was a time in my life when I was highly motivated, eager to reach my full potential.  Unfortunately, I now experience periods of  apathy, not caring how productive I am on my days off.  Like a malaise, time ticks away while reclining in my chair.  Before I can snap out of it, another day is flushed down the toilet.

While watching a reality show last, Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue, reached out to a family owned business in Staten Island, New York.  Initially successful, three brothers let their establishment become inundated with a motley crew of bikers.  In desperate need of an intervention, Jon uses tough love to convict this family of their inadequacies.  When push comes to shove, you either need to stand up to face your fears or your dreams will be flushed down the toilet.

If you find yourself heading in the wrong direction, accountability from a co-worker or friend is essential to stay on track.  Proverbs 27:17 suggests that accountability sharpens those who engage in and practice it.  Therefore, if you don’t want another day to be lost to idle time, get involved now by meeting a friend in need.  Unless you do, there’s a good possibility that another day will be flushed down the toilet.

by Jay Mankus




Diabolical Pride

The phrase pertaining to the devil was developed in the early 1500’s to define diabolical.  Forty years later in 1540, befitting the devil was added to complete modern definitions of this term.  In the 1667 classic Paradise Lost, author John Milton linked diabolical with Satan.  The Greek word diabolos is used by Jews and Christians today to describe the Devil or Satan.

In the 1940’s, C.S. Lewis began to air a sermon series on the radio, known as his Broadcast Talks.  By 1944, this content was published into 3 separate books, eventually forming Mere Christianity.  The second book, Christian Behaviour, completed in 1943, contains one of the most intriguing chapters on pride ever written.  Entitled The Great Sin, chapter 7 addresses the dangers of pride mentioned by Solomon in Proverbs 6:16-19.


While pride refers to arrogance, conceit and haughtiness, diabolical pride has a darker meaning.  According to Lewis, this type of pride can spiritually blind individuals to the point “you look down on others so much that you do not care what others think.”  Similar to the owner on last week’s episode of Bar Rescue, this man never heard a word that Jon Taffer said.  Despite being a world renown expert in saving bars, night clubs and restaurants from going out of business, this owner of Metal & Lace in Austin, Texas was oblivious to Jon’s constructive criticism.

Escaping the grips of diabolical pride isn’t easy.  The proud have trained themselves to discount any idea, suggestion or thought that doesn’t come within, causing heart felt advice to fall upon deaf ears.  Meanwhile, prideful heads are stuck so high in the sky that unless someone from their inner circle questions them, no change is likely.  Thus, humility through defeat, failure or rejection is the only pathway toward transformation.  Yet, narcissism often lingers like an addiction, deceiving minds from the truth.  Love, time and prayer may be the only factors to rescue an arrogant soul from the chains of diabolical pride.

by Jay Mankus

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