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Acronyms such as W.W.D.J.; what would Jesus do have existed for centuries as followers of Christ ponder about the right thing to do in a certain situation.  Unfortunately, thinking about an ideal reply or response is much easier said than done.  Thus, when push comes to shove, its essential to recall W.W.T.W.: why waste time worrying.

Psalm 114 recounts a list of reasons why worrying is a waste of time.  As a summary of God’s past miracles performed for Israel, these acts should have transformed the lives of each eyewitness.  Yet, over time, it appears that many waned, as their faith faded like a distant memory.  If God can part rivers and seas, then why wouldn’t the Lord have the power to change your circumstances, eternal destination or ongoing trial.

Recently, I was convicted by my intense worry, recognizing my energy was misdirected, Matthew 6:25-34.  Instead of trusting the God of Creation to provide for my needs, I spent several miserable hours worrying.  Like having your strength sapped by summer heat and humidity, I wilted, feeling worse as the day went on.  Therefore, whenever you are desperate to see results, turn to the Lord in prayer.  Why waste time worrying, when the operator of life is on the other line, waiting to preform another miracle as in the days of old.

by Jay Mankus

A Sign of Goodness

Hindsight can change your perspective on the past, giving you a thorough understanding of the events in your life.  On the other hand, obstacles, setbacks and unforeseen trials can blur your vision for the future, resulting in bleak expectations.  When optimism is replaced by a spirit of doubt, its time to seek divine intervention.

Known for many things, King David had become empowered by his own prayer life.  This man of God was not afraid to express his concerns to the Living God.  Fed up by the prosperity of the wicked, David turned his attention to God’s miracles of the past.  Thus, within Psalm 86:17, he pleads with God to receive a sign of goodness.

The better you know someone, the more risks you begin to take, asking deeper and more personal questions.  Whether it was his years in the wilderness as a shepherd or a close relationship with a spiritual mentor not mentioned in the Bible, David knew the true nature of God.  His prayers within the book of Psalms are powerful outlines, a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to find answers in life.

Therefore, don’t accept mediocrity in your spiritual life.  Though you won’t be able to fully discern the mind of God as Job tried to do, signs of goodness are awaiting.  The apostle Paul speaks of these things in a passage to the church in Ephesus, Ephesians 2:10.  Instead of turning into Oscar the Grouch, release your burdens upward, pouring your heart and soul in prayer to the giver of life, James 1:17.

by Jay Mankus

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