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If These Walls Could Speak?

Building walls of protection is nothing new.  The Berlin Wall, Great Wall of China and Western Wall in Israel were established as defense mechanisms.  These structures served as a hiding place as well as a refuge, either to keep enemies out or prevent other civilians from corrupting the ideology shared by those who call this places home.

Beyond the vision of a human eye, another wall exists.  This one surrounds the heart, protecting individuals from becoming vulnerable, hurt or both.  The greater the pain from the past, the larger the barrier erected.  Like a facade, unveiling what lies behind this inclosure isn’t easy.  Layer by layer must be removed carefully or else souls will clam up, refusing to convey genuine concerns, emotions or thoughts.

According to a famous prophet, the heart is a mysterious organ, Jeremiah 17:9-10.  Regardless of how cautious someone is, when the heart speaks don’t be surprised by what you hear.  Deceitfulness has taken hearts captive, a condition that is beyond cure.  Therefore, if famous historic walls could speak, sin might be the topic of conversation.  In view of this grave condition, set your heart on things above, Colossians 3:1-3, so that hell will wear off as heaven takes center stage.

by Jay Mankus

Faith Beyond Comprehension

Before the first rain drop touched earth, mankind had lost touch with God.  Like a New Year’s Celebration, out with the old and in with the new, boundaries were eliminated.  This mentality is described in Genesis 6:1-6, causing the Lord grief.  In an age of wickedness, Noah found favor with the Lord.  Unlike Adam and Eve, Noah actually did everything the Lord commanded, Genesis 6:22.  Building an ark the size of a football prior to the existence of rain, now that’s faith beyond comprehension.

Abraham was an old man when the Lord came calling.  The thought of a nation as massive as the sand on the seashore must have been enticing, Genesis 12:1-3.  However, there’s just one problem, elderly men don’t have children with elderly women.  As time ticked away year by year, most people would have given up, quit and called it a life.  Just as a doctor once confirmed in Luke 1:37, “nothing is impossible with God” so Abraham held on until his first child was born.

Today, skepticism abounds, with countless souls disappointed by lies, hypocrisy and unbelievable promises.  Although in their hearts they want to believe, troubled minds hardly ever come around to faith, side tracked by doubt.  Perhaps the words of the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16 still serves as a stumbling block to the wise.  A fool doesn’t have much to lose whereas the wise have their reputation to hold on to.   Regardless of the barriers that are present, may Christ like lives and transformed saints shine light into a dark world so that faith can be embraced by the lost.

by Jay Mankus

Barriers to Living a Normal Life

Whether someone wants to admit it or not, every individual has 3 distinct aspects to their life.  According to Dr. Ed Murphy, not the comedian, each person has strengths, limitations and flaws.  These strengths can include gifts, intelligence, personality and special talents.  However, when you allow these positive attributes to go to your head, pride can negate or derail any hopes of living a normal life.  As soon as a spirit of haughtiness enters your soul, your mind can balloon to disproportionate heights, creating a wall of separation between you and most of your true friends.

Meanwhile, limitations are created within you by God to prompt you to learn how to work as a team with other people, 1 Corinthians 12:12-26.  If you have ever seen an episode of the reality television show Survivor, a few leader type personalities usually clash, attempting to gain control over the entire tribe.  While the followers in the group get behind the person who least offends them, communication barriers are built within a day or 2 of their arrival.  This friction often gnaws away any glimmers of faith or trust within the tribe, creating a dysfunctional living atmosphere from the outset.

Finally, each male and female born onto this earth has a unique collection of flaws.  These weak areas of the flesh are where individuals are most vulnerable to the temptations of the Devil.  One may be easily seduced by sex, another is prone to drink themselves into oblivion, some may allow curiosity to lead them to experiment with drugs and still others let envy influence them to steal.  Whenever you feed these sinful desires, isolation impedes any progress you have made to quench these urges.  Like a monster inside of you, these flaws cripple your ability to have stable meaningful relationships in life.

Despite the power these barriers have on hindering your ability to have a normal life, there is hope and answers to break through to the other side.  First, you need to come to grips with who you are and why you were created?  According to the Old Testament, God created each person to praise Him, Psalm 150:6.  In addition, 2 Corinthians 5:21 contains a clue to our identity in Christ.  Once this connection is made and embraced, people can begin to keep in step with the Holy Spirit, Galatians 5:25.  As you begin to take steps of faith, the Bible provides light for our feet, to guide the way toward good decision making, Psalm 119:105.  When darkness sets in along the narrow path of life, Matthew 7:14, become an active participant so that those going in the wrong direction can be stopped before its too late.  The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few, Matthew 9:36-38, so get involved in 2013!

by Jay Mankus

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