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What’s In Your Lunch Box?

Before the invention of insulated lunch bags, kids brought decorative lunch boxes to school with their favorite cartoon characters or television show on the outside and thermos. Meanwhile, adults brought coolers or metal containers which resembled a toolbox to their workplace. Although teasing did occur on some levels within society, what’s was in your lunch box is what got people’s attention.

In the days of Jesus, one of his disciples claimed he performed so many miracles on a daily basis that if each one was written down, there would not be enough library books in the world to cover them, John 21:25.  Of the miracles of Jesus recorded in the Bible, only one appears in all 4 gospels, the feeding of the 5000.  Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:32-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:1-13 detail this supernatural experience.  While there are many theories why God chose this particular event to be covered by all 4 authors, the answer lies in the lunch box of a poor young boy.

Luke, a physician who accompanied the apostle Paul on some of his mission trips, explains the dire situation leading up to Jesus’ miracle, over 5000 people are in a remote place without any access to food, Luke 9:12-13.  Meanwhile, only one disciple records the source of their food, a young boy who offered his small lunch: 5 wafers and 2 sardines, John 6:9.  In view of this information, most of the disciples likely shared Philip’s sentiments in John 6:7, “no way Jesus, we don’t have the time or money to help these starving people!”  Andrew, the brother of Peter, made a suggestion, yet even he had his doubts, John 6:9.

Today, millions of people worldwide are in desperate need of a miracle, either in the form of clothing, food or shelter.  Others are still searching for a full time job to provide for their family, humbling themselves to do whatever it takes to survive.  In the end, all Jesus is looking for in people is faith like a mustard seed, Mark 4:30-32.  May you step out in faith, like this little poor boy, sharing his lunch with thousands, setting the scene for a memorable miracle from God.

Feel free to comment below, sharing what miracle you are hoping, longing and praying for.

by Jay Mankus



40 Days of Proof

Deep inside the heart of a child, there lies a doubting Thomas, a desire which leads you to see or touch something before you believe.  This curious nature varies within each soul, with some demanding more proof while others are able to trust once an initial experience calms their fears.  Skeptics tend to need more evidence, questioning if their encounter was real or a mirage.

In the matter of Jesus of Nazareth, there were 40 days of proof following his crucifixion which transformed 11 men from wimps into martyrs.  According to Acts 1:1-3, Jesus met privately with his disciples, spent time in public and visited woman of faith.  However, if you listen to the media, read their books or attend seminars sponsored by cohorts, these 40 days are a fairy tale.  Like the Romans guards of Jesus’ day, people continue to do everything in their power to cover up Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, Matthew 28:11-15.

Atheists and agnostics do make a few valid arguments, like why did the gospels take over 20 years to be written if Jesus did rise from the dead?  To answer this, you need to understand the background of the gospel of Mark.  When the eyewitnesses were alive, people who saw Jesus die and rise from the dead, there wasn’t a sense of urgency to record this information.  When many of these witnesses began to grow old and die, Christians in Rome were fearful people might forget all that had happened.  Thus, John Mark, a disciple of Paul, was hired to write down key events, a reference point for those who did not hear, see or touch Jesus.  May this blog eliminate any doubt Thomas spirit, serving as proof that Jesus truly was as Pilate wrote in John 19:19, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews!”

by Jay Mankus

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