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The Infusion Called Grace

Like fine wine, you grow better with years doesn’t apply in the spiritual realm.  Although I wish this old saying was true, Romans 7:7-25 tells a different story.  Instead of improving in taste, the smell of sin causes believers to pray for an infusion of grace.

Birthdays are nice to celebrate, yet God’s main concern focuses on John 3:3-5, have you been reborn spiritually?   The sarcastic often respond like Nicodemus, “how can someone already born, fit back into their mother’s womb?”  While clever, God is not amused.  Jesus’ perspective of an infusion of grace can be found in John 3:16-17, illustrating a loving and patient God.

The reason why rebirth is essential according to the apostle Paul, Romans 5:1-2, faith is the key to gain access into the Lord’s infusion of grace.  Though undeserving, Jesus died, offering his life as an atoning sacrifice while we were still sinners, Romans 5:8.  In view of this goods news, tidings of great joy, lean on Jesus, Romans 10:9-10 to experience this infusion of grace.

by Jay Mankus


You Don’t Smell As Good As You Think

In his prime, comedian Bill Cosby had a stand up act about the transformation infants go through.  Cosby was a genius, not needing to use cursing or rely on vulgarity to make people laugh.  Instead, Bill spoke about how babies’ poo does not smell initially.  However, any parent who has had to change a dirty diaper understands the stench and mess that comes out of the body of someone so little.  Thereby proclaiming, “you don’t smell as good as you think that you do!”

Last spring, I suffered from a severe sinus infection that my body could not Fight off.  No matter what I did to battle this ailment, over the counter drugs could not relieve the constant pressure in my head.  One of the side effects of this cold was extreme sweating and an unusual body odor, foreign from my typical workout smell.  I changed my deodorant and shampoo to improve my aroma, without much success.  Fortunately, by the end of June, God healed me from this daily hindrance.  Through it all, I learned a difficult life lesson, “I didn’t smell as good as I thought.”

Today, arrogance, pride and self-conceit serves as a false sense of security.  These defense mechanisms blind individuals from reality.  No cologne, deodorant or perfume can mask anyone from the sinful nature inside them, Romans 3:23.  The only way to overcome this spiritual condition is by bathing in the presence of God, Psalm 23:6.  Whether you read the Bible, Romans 10:17, worship the Lord in song, Psalm 150 or withdraw to pray, Mark 1:35, spending time doing with God will lead you in the right direction away from the stench of sin.  May you come to acknowledge what the apostle did in the first century, “you don’t smell as good as you think,” 1 Timothy 1:15.

by Jay Mankus

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