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Integrity of Heart and Innocent Hands

At some point as a child, you were blamed for something that you did not do. As a boy sitting at a junior high lunch table, the person who just unleashed a silent, but deadly fart, blamed me as everyone gagged. Before I could defend myself, holding my nose, no one believed me. While this is minor compared to what others are falsely accused of weekly, it never feels good to have your integrity attacked.

Did not the man tell me, She is my sister? And she herself said, He is my brother. In integrity of heart and innocency of hands I have done this, Genesis 20:5.

According to Genesis 20:17-18, King Abimelech’s wife and harem each had their wombs closed up, unable to have children for an extended period of time. This rare illness was brought upon Abimelech’s entire family because he took Sarah to become part of his harem. The passage above details Abimelech’s dream, where he pleads with God, claiming his innocence.

He who walks uprightly walks securely, but he who takes a crooked way shall be found out and punished. 10 He who winks with the eye [craftily and with malice] causes sorrow; the foolish of lips will fall headlong but [a]he who boldly reproves makes peace, Proverbs 10:9-10.

Following the conclusion of this dream, Abimelech confronted Abraham to figure out why he wasn’t completely truthful. Abraham thought he would be killed if he was honest about being married to Sarah. Unfortunately, Abimelech and his family was punished for his action based upon the idea Abraham was simply Sarah’s sister. Whether this blog finds you falsely accused or guilty as charged, James 5:16 provides a blueprint for confession so that integrity and innocence is restored.

by Jay Mankus


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