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Since the first professional baseball team was formed in 1869, 254 Major League Baseball players have collected 2000 hits during their career.  While certain stats were not held early on in it’s history, 18 National Basketball Association members have amassed over 2000 rebounds before retiring.  In the 97 years of professional football, only 7 NFL running backs have rushed for 2000 yards in a season.  Meanwhile, only one player in the history of the National Hockey League, Wayne Gretzky has accumulated over 2000 total points in their career.  Today, I have joined a special group with the posting of my 2000th blog at Express Yourself 4Him.

In view of this achievement, I wanted to reply to some of the most common questions shared with me as comments over the past five years.  First, I chose Word Press as my sight for blogging due to recommendations of a few close friends with established blogs back in 2012.  While I haven’t paid the additional $25 to upgrade Express Yourself 4Him, I am close to entering into a relationship with a vendor that prompt me to professionalize this site.

For those of you are new to this blog, I was inspired to create a spiritual journal like the theologian Augustine.  Following two years of seminary classes, I was struck by how Augustine regularly sat on his back porch, staring at his garden.  This time of reflection gave birth to his impact on theological advances through a collection of books left behind as his legacy.  While I have no desire to go back into full time youth ministry, I pray that my own insights on current events may help those striving to become more like Christ daily.

If you want to start your own blog, there are three things to consider.  First, focus on a specific area of expertise where you can develop a following based upon your knowledge.  Second, set aside a time or day of the week where you plan a series of blogs.  When I first started, I suffered from periods of writers block, lacking direction, ideas and topics.  On Sunday, I watch a few sermons before attending church, taking notes in the journal next to my bed.  When my eyes behave, I try to read chapters about issues that I want to know more about.  In addition, I use sticky notes when I am not home to jot any ideas when the Holy Spirit speaks to me.  Finally, if you want to persevere as a blogger, you must be disciplined, putting aside apathy to press on to publish blogs.

Many of you have urged me to write longer blogs which I will do when I feel compelled.  However, after working with a PhD from Penn State, Dr. Vito, I discovered through trial and error that three paragraphs is ideal for the average reader.  Anything shorter doesn’t drive home a point and by expanding a paragraph or two, I tend to lose people’s attention.  Thus, unless God changes my mind, I will continue with my current format.  One last thing before I say goodbye for the day, always remember that life is an adventure.  The more bloggers are able to paint a vivid picture, new followers will come.  Don’t get caught up with numbers.  Rather, let quality writing do your talking.

by Jay Mankus




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