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Are You Finding Delight in the Lord?

While few people verbalize this topic, there appears to be a love hate relationship with God.  When things seem to go your way, life is great, perhaps a reward for your hard work and good behavior.  Meanwhile, as fortunes begin to change, anger, bitterness and frustration arises with God.

Will they find delight in the Almighty? Will they call on God at all times? – Job 27:10

This is the state of mind that we find Job within the passage above.  When you add the suggestions from a few close friends that the Lord is punishing Job for some unconfessed sin, agitation increases.  Subsequently, finding delight in God Almighty becomes the last thing on your mind.  Yet, as emotions die down, Job does leave individuals with advice to find delight in the Lord.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart, Psalm 37:4.

Job wonders if those discontent with life are using God as a crutch.  This occurs when you call on God only in times of trials and tribulations.  This decision often breeds resentment, eliminating any delight that you may have for God.  Instead of fully trusting God in all ways, there is a temptation to take back the wheel, seeking to control your own life.  If you truly desire to delight yourself in the Lord, don’t go half way.  Rather, follow Job’s advice by calling on God at all times, in the good and bad moments of life.

by Jay Mankus




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