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Another Friday Night


According to my former high school students, I possess one of the most eclectic collections of music.  I think this was just a nice way of saying you have a strange taste in music.  A large portion of the artists I enjoy can’t be found on Pandora or other internet sites.  Subsequently, I have to convert cassette tapes into CD’s before downloading them onto my computer.  Recently, I stumbled upon a graveyard of forgotten favorites.  The one with the best lyrics is Hope for the Broken Heart by Kenny Marks.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit, Psalm 34:18.

Written and recorded in 1989 on the Another Friday Night album, this song addresses high school students coping with friends who party each weekend.  Instead of trying to fit in, the individual within the song stays home on Friday night, trying to make sense of why teenagers turn to alcohol to have fun.  After another lonely night on Saturday, this student seeks refuge in church, praying for the people she loves.  During this time in prayer, the Lord provides a message, “there is hope for the lonely and broken-hearted.”

God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds, Psalm 147:3.

Not much has changed since 1989.  In many ways, this issue has gotten worse as the idea of clean fun is foreign to many.  I’m no saint by far, making bad decisions and giving into temptation throughout my life.  Yet, the last time I was drunk was over 20 years ago.  After a wedding reception, I nearly died of alcohol poison.  Call it common sense, but I can’t imagine ever drinking again as the desire within is dead.  May anyone caught in the habit of drinking away another Friday night see the light of Christ, thereby ceasing their addiction.

by Jay Mankus



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