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Weather or Not?

Many folks in America are probably thinking along the same wave lengths, ” this is the strangest spring I can ever remember?”  As traces of winter pop up weekly, summer can’t get here soon enough.  However, in the mean time, you are stuck with a daily dilemma, whether or not to trust in the so called experts to accurately predict the weather?

As a little league coach, 7 days in a week aren’t enough to make up the games rained out and those cancelled hours in advance only to witness sunny skies appear.  Despite these interruptions to schedules, there is a silver lining.  Rain can slow down one’s pace in life, bring families together or provide needed ingredients for a successful garden.  For others who work at airports, malls or stores, weather delays can make for some of the most profitable days of the year as well as provide shelter to take a walk inside.

The question arises, how much will you allow weather to influence your mood?  Weather related depression is common for cities like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.  Like a cruel mistress, weather can lead you on, only to crush your spirit late in the day.  In the end, the choice is yours, making the best of today, James 4:14, putting worries about tomorrow on hold.  Weather or not, how will you respond when another front washes out your plans?

by Jay Mankus

Forecasting the Weather: Snow

As winter approaches each year, cable news channels have a different interpretation of exactly how much precipitation will fall.  Although they use identical or similar weather doppler systems, so called weather experts regularly make gaurantees at a 25% success rate.  One thing is sure: either their computers are malfunctioning, they are embellishing their projection to promote television ratings while creating a mass hysteria at local grocery and hardware stores fighting for the last loaf of bread and shovel in town or they don’t have a clue to what they are doing.

Farmers rely on their almanac to determine what to plant and when each season.  Financial experts watch the markets to see what is trending up and down.  Professional athletes listen to their strength and conditioning coaches as well as their bodies when they are hurt.  However, sometimes, the best answer is, “I don’t know!”  In an ever increasing world of cynicism, people are looking for a voice of reason.  Someone who will man up when they are wrong, show humility when they were right and be honest when they don’t have a clue!  For now I will stay optimistic, but pay attention because the next forecast for snow is right around the corner.  Maybe you’ll find an honest weather man.

by Jay Mankus

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