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How Old Are You Now?

The aging process can be quite deceiving as physical appearances don’t always reveal a person’s true age.  Baldness, grey hair, stress or wrinkles can be false indicators, depending on someone’s occupation or their direct access to sunlight.  While theme parks attempt to coerce willing participants to have their ages guessed for a small fee, age can be a touchy subject, especially for women.  To be safe, its always better to under estimate an older person’s age and over estimate a younger person’s age, unless of course you work at a night club where ID’s are required.

From a biblical timeline, there are 2 different references to age: pre-flood and post flood.  According to Genesis 2:4-6, the earth’s original atmosphere following creation did not contain rain.  Instead, underground springs, water aquifers beneath the earth’s surface, sprung up to water the plants on the earth.  When you study the genealogy of Adam, you find the first 10 generations of inhabitant’s on earth had a life expectancy of 900 years.  This unique atmosphere often referred to as the Open Canopy Theory suggests the aging process was slowed down, limiting a human’s body from the sun’s radiation.

To simplify this in modern terms, 100 years of life in the original atmosphere is equivalent to 10 years under today’s conditions.  Thus, while Adam lived to be 930 years on earth, his body roughly reflected someone who is a 93 year old.  Recently, archeologists have discovered the remains of palms tree near the polar ice caps, supporting this theory.  In additional, scientists have concluded that prior to the world wide flood mentioned in Genesis 7:4-6, Pangea existed, a one land mass continent.  Following the first volcanic eruption detailed in Genesis 7:11, tectonic plates became active, forming what we now know as the 7 continents on earth.  While the flood may not have killed all the dinosaurs of the sea, the change in our atmosphere likely sealed the fate of this amazing creatures.

If you study the genealogy’s of the Bible, the post flood atmosphere began to accelerate the aging process.  However, as sin spread from the Garden of Eden throughout the world, Genesis 6:5, unexpected death became more common.  Wrongful deaths, murder and disease are normal today, a way of life, something everyone has to cope with and overcome.  Although some individuals survive to be 100 or more due to medical breakthroughs, everyone’s clock is ticking, Genesis 6:3.  Thus, as I reach half of Dale Earnhardt Junior’s Nascar Racing number in a month, I am doing my best to walk with the Lord, day by day, until He calls me home, Genesis 5:24.

by Jay Mankus

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