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When America Lost their Spiritual War

As I student, I learned great details about World War 1 and World War 2 in History class. Between reading books and listening to lectures, I was forced to memorize important battles, dates and leaders to pass unit tests. While I am grateful of the public education that I received, one topic was never touched. I had to attend seminary to ascertain the true history of America minus the politics and politically correct textbooks,

Now the serpent was more subtle and crafty than any living creature of the field which the Lord God had made. And he [Satan] said to the woman, Can it really be that God has said, You shall not eat from every tree of the garden? – Genesis 3:1

Institutions up and down the East Coast like Harvard and Duke were established by churches. These schools for higher education were initially Christian based designed to spread and fulfill the Magna Carta and Great Commission. Yet, just as the Judges in the Old Testament began to do what was right in their own eyes, America has forgotten it’s spiritual heritage. Although Great Awakenings revived faith in this country, America lost their spiritual war in the middle of the 20th Century.

In conclusion, be strong in the Lord [be empowered through your union with Him]; draw your strength from Him [that strength which His boundless might provides]. 11 Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil. 12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere. 13 Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place], Ephesians 6:10-13.

on June 18, 1963, Atheists won their case before the Supreme Court. This victory for the left was the beginning of the end of Christianity as the dominant worldview in America. When this highest court in the land made it illegal for the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:1-15) to be said and the Bible to be read in public schools, God was officially removed from education. While Christian Academies still exist today, traces of God continue to be removed from public squares across the country. America’s current spiritual conditional is merely the consequences of losing this spiritual war. Perhaps, the prayers of the saints is the only thing left to save America from becoming the latest fallen empire.

by Jay Mankus

Censoring Science

Dr. Stella Immanuel made a speech in front of the Supreme Court a few weeks ago. In this age of social justice, Immanuel possesses the ideal pedigree as an immigrant and African American, Yet, there is one blemish on this doctor’s resume, she is pro hydroxychloroquine. Unfortunately, if you are for something that President Trump is in favor of, the media has a tendency to demonize you.

Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security, Jeremiah 33:6.

After having success using hydroxychloroquine with zinc, Dr. Immanuel believes that this combination of medicine is the cure for COVID-19. When a video of Dr. Immanuel’s speech went viral on social media, Facebook and Twitter each removed this video claiming the content violated their policies on misinformation. When members of the media discovered that Dr. Stella was also serving as a Christian pastor at a church in Houston, a smear campaign was unleashed against her.

When men began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair, and they took wives of all they desired and chose, Genesis 6:1-2.

Instead of using evidence to refute Dr. Immanuel’s claims that using hydroxychloroquine with zinc isn’t the cure for COVID-19, science is being censored. Meanwhile, several quotes from previous sermons were immediately leaked to portray Stella as a crazy doctor who has lost her mind. One message used the passage above, attempting to explain how giants came into existence on earth. This passage has 3 different interpretations with one suggesting fallen angels conceived with the women of earth. Perhaps, it’s time to stop censoring science by entering into a healthy debate, by putting facts on the table and let the people decide.

by Jay Mankus

America is Only as Strong as Her Moral and Spiritual Forces

During a 1952 sermon, the reverend Billy Graham provided a prophetic message about the United States of America.  Using the passage of 2 Chronicles 7 to serve as his context, Graham compared the Israelites in the Old Testament with America.  When families, individuals or nations experience the misfortune of hardship, your degree of character will be revealed.  Thus, during times of disaster, drought or death, America is only as strong as her moral and spiritual forces.

If I shut up the heavens so that no rain falls, or if I command locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence and plague among My people, 2 Chronicles 7:13.

Ten years following this statement, the Supreme Court removed prayer from public education using the separation of church and state as it’s rationale.  One year later, public Bible readings over the morning announcements was also banned from public education.  Using each of these cases as predetermining factors, other states followed these rulings to weaken moral and spiritual forces in America.  By 1980, atheists, liberals and progressives waged war against the ten commandments, having these civil and ethical standards also removed from public schools.

And My people, who are called by My Name, humble themselves, and pray and seek (crave, require as a necessity) My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear [them] from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land, 2 Chronicles 7:14.

When you turn on cable news, follow social media sites and or listen to talk radio, current events are a by product of these past judicial decisions.  Instead of focusing on doom and gloom as society edges closer to the verge of lawlessness, the best course of action is to humble yourself before the Lord.  As you do, confess and pray for positive results, that revival will sweep across this land.  Billy Graham devoted 58 years of his life, from 1947-2005, traveling the globe to conduct 417 Bible Crusades in 185 countries.  This wasn’t done for selfish ambition or self promotion.  Rather, Billy Graham understood that America and the world is only as strong as her moral and spiritual forces.

by Jay Mankus

Don’t Be Hoodwinked Before Election Day

In the Middle Ages, a strange practice began as hoods were placed over the heads of falcons.  This is where the term hoodwink derives from according to the Urban Dictionary.  When translated into English, this word refers to being duped, fooled or tricked into being something that is true.  Today, consumers of the internet, radio and television are bombarded by negative ads where the context is usually altered to make opponents appear unfit for public service.

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them, Proverbs 11:3.

Instead of taking the bait cast out their by shrewd campaigns, the best barometer can be found in the history of every politician.  Usually, an informed voter can examine previous voting records, contributions to local, state and national programs as well as the impact people have made on others throughout their lives.  Unfortunately, the hardest part of this step lies in a media who embraces those who share a secular worldview.  Meanwhile, anyone holding a conservative, limited government or traditional values tends to be attacked, criticized and demonized for holding non progressive positions.

Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in speech and is a fool, Proverbs 19:1.

While most voters have already made up their minds, here’s a few things to consider for those still on the fence.  First, any hope of remaining a country based upon the constitution lies in a president who will appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court.  Second, anyone wanting to live the American Dream as a small business owner, requires a president who understands and supports current and future entrepreneurs.  Finally, if you want to avoid becoming the United Social States of America, you need to get behind the candidate who isn’t afraid to confront and expose corruption.  Whatever you decide, don’t get hoodwinked before Election Day.

by Jay Mankus


When Israel Was Amoral

The term amoral refers to someone who has never been taught right from wrong.  Based upon how people are raised, will determine their degree of innocence.  Strict parents attempt to clearly distinguish moral from immoral behavior, with some becoming too legalistic.  Meanwhile, a growing trend has parents treating their children like friends, overlooking discipline, trying to be liked instead of providing a moral compass for life.  As a former teacher, the moment you assume all your students know the basics, you’re thrown for a loop, scratching your head at all the diverse standards people use.

In the days of Exodus 18, Israel was amoral, not able to ascertain right from wrong on their own.  Before receiving the 10 commandments in Exodus 20, God only provided laws regarding to Himself, Exodus 15:26.  Therefore, when it came to being civil to one another, opinions and values varied.  As a result, Moses was the Supreme Court, the only judge in Israel working from sunrise and sunset 6 days a week, Exodus 18:13-18.  As a shrew man of wisdom, Jethro knew that Moses would not be able to keep up this pace, on the fast track to burn out.  Before he crashed and burned, Jethro gave Moses a vision for the first court system, elevating his own burdens by training others to oversee easy disputes, Exodus 18:19-22.

Based upon the location of this passage in relation to the 10 commandments, one might suggest God’s introduction of the last 6 commandments is directly related to Israel’s amoral state in chapter 18.  Unfortunately, as states in America continue to ban court houses from publicly displaying the 10 commandments, citizens of this country appear to be just as confused as the Israelites many years ago.  If schools and work places had Jesus’ words in Matthew 22:37-40 in plain view for everyone to see, maybe just maybe, amoral people would learn and be persuaded to treat others as they want to be treated.  May God use these passages in the Bible to transform Americans from amoral citizens into law abiding and loving individuals.

by Jay Mankus

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