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When America Lost their Spiritual War

As I student, I learned great details about World War 1 and World War 2 in History class. Between reading books and listening to lectures, I was forced to memorize important battles, dates and leaders to pass unit tests. While I am grateful of the public education that I received, one topic was never touched. I had to attend seminary to ascertain the true history of America minus the politics and politically correct textbooks,

Now the serpent was more subtle and crafty than any living creature of the field which the Lord God had made. And he [Satan] said to the woman, Can it really be that God has said, You shall not eat from every tree of the garden? – Genesis 3:1

Institutions up and down the East Coast like Harvard and Duke were established by churches. These schools for higher education were initially Christian based designed to spread and fulfill the Magna Carta and Great Commission. Yet, just as the Judges in the Old Testament began to do what was right in their own eyes, America has forgotten it’s spiritual heritage. Although Great Awakenings revived faith in this country, America lost their spiritual war in the middle of the 20th Century.

In conclusion, be strong in the Lord [be empowered through your union with Him]; draw your strength from Him [that strength which His boundless might provides]. 11 Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil. 12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere. 13 Therefore put on God’s complete armor, that you may be able to resist and stand your ground on the evil day [of danger], and, having done all [the crisis demands], to stand [firmly in your place], Ephesians 6:10-13.

on June 18, 1963, Atheists won their case before the Supreme Court. This victory for the left was the beginning of the end of Christianity as the dominant worldview in America. When this highest court in the land made it illegal for the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:1-15) to be said and the Bible to be read in public schools, God was officially removed from education. While Christian Academies still exist today, traces of God continue to be removed from public squares across the country. America’s current spiritual conditional is merely the consequences of losing this spiritual war. Perhaps, the prayers of the saints is the only thing left to save America from becoming the latest fallen empire.

by Jay Mankus

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  1. As we’ve seen and read concerning real history, with reliable sources that are also supported, we find the same thing happening over and over again. Nations rise and nations fall, and electronic communication may be increasing the speed. But that’s to be seen, for with communication that fast comes also real communication and solutions.
    It seems, over and over again, as America, we struggled mightily, a miracle the United States of America, with her Constitution, ever became. But we’ve forgotten all that. We’ve become complacent. We want what we want. And instead of remembering our beginnings, much due to horrific schooling and a Marxist media, politicians not worth their salt, we whine and complain about our feelings, our important selves, and wanting to become a superhero, have free pay, or become another gender, even believing in obvious lies and propaganda. But it happens: over and over again. And it seems, only when things get sooo bad, at home, when it hits home, do people ever start to wake up. Like Germany. Like Stalinist Russia, though that’s still ongoing in different aspects. Putin, anyone? Like South Korea. And look how Afghanistan is being abused. Until we learn, and it never stops. But, if Americans were to wake up, or enough of them, then things can turn for the better, and we’ve seen that, but the seeds of our own destruction are always with us. Sometimes it’s us for not being alert enough.



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