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In a twinkling of an eye, the landscape of Moore, Oklahoma was forever changed on Monday by a 2 mile wide EF5 tornado.  This suburb of Oklahoma City, located about a 30 minute drive south of the state capital is reeling as it picks up the pieces from a devastating storm system that left a path of destruction over 10 miles long.  When news first broke of one elementary losing the lives of 9 children, a spirit of mourning went out to the families, parents and school faculty.

While members of my little league team was crying over our third consecutive loss tonight, the pictures on television have put life back into its proper perspective.  Houses can be rebuilt and businesses can be put back together, but on this earth we all have just one life to live.  May this tragedy serve as a wake up call to those of us whose priorities are off track.  Though many needs will require financial gifts like those pledged by Kevin Durant on the OKC Thunder, for a simple prayer based around Psalm 34:18 should suffice for now.In times of trials, people are forced to pull together, revealing the true you.  Thus, as neighbors of Moore mourn for those who have passed and frantically search for those still missing, lift up this town in prayer.  The miracles you hear about today or tomorrow may have occurred due to your faithful prayers.  Ask God to send his angels into action to heal the brokenhearted and crushed souls.  As M.C. Hammer once urged Americans to do, “You’ve Got to Pray!”

by Jay Mankus

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