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Making A Clear Distinction

In a world of diminishing absolutes, making a clear distinction between right and wrong isn’t what it use to be.  Shades of grey have entered the equation, leaving the truth uncertain.  To erase this confusion, one must shine the light of the Bible on this matter to distinguish the moral from immoral.

History reveals this struggle is nothing new as periods in time are filled with examples of people who blended in like chameleons, hiding their faith from society.  This pattern led Moses to challenge Israel to make a clear distinction between holiness and common citizens in Leviticus 10:10-11.  This lesson from the past should challenge us to examine our own lives to ascertain where do you stand?

When you’re feeling good about yourself, pride will lead you to hold a higher view than your actions actually display.  On the other hand, when your day of humility comes, you might feel like the apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 1:15.  Despite the good and bad that you do, Jesus still wants believers to shine their light, Matthew 5:13.  Like the childhood song proclaims, don’t hide your light anymore, make a clear distinction today by imitating God, Ephesians 5:1-4.

by Jay Mankus

You Only Get One Shot… At Making History Today

For most of my life, I have watched from the sidelines as others have made history.  While highly motivated individuals were busy making an impact in their sphere of influence, I was too busy, tired or afraid to risk it all.  Thus, instead of being part of history, I viewed it from the comfort of my own home.  As I drove home this evening from work, today’s title rose to the surface: You only get one shot at making history today.

In my final preparations to preach for the second time in a month at Overflow Church in Newark, tomorrow is a chance to shine, my shot at making history.  Perhaps the Holy Spirit will lead me to say something powerful.  Or maybe my imagination and teaching style might bring people back to the days of Jesus, striking a cord with a heart or soul.  Either way, I want to make the most of this rare opportunity to cast a vision for 2014 as I reflect upon the song “Everything I Missed Before,” by Britt Nicole.

In my youth, sports was the only area that I could live my mark.  During adolescence, I tried to help others as a youth director, giving counsel to avoid teens from making the same mistakes I did when I was their age.  As an adult, I’ve spent the last decade as a Bible Teacher, mixing truths from the Bible was doses of reality.  Currently, God is calling me to reach others through writing this blog, edit a movie I wrote and complete a 3 part book series on compromise and temptation.  May something in today’s lesson spark a hunger inside your heart to remember you only get one shot at making a positive mark on history today.

by Jay Mankus

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