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Judge, Jury and Executioner

If you follow Twitter, listen to Talk Radio or watch Cable News, then you have a slight inclination on what’s wrong with this country and the world as a whole.  Countless individuals have forgotten the words of Jesus in John 8:6-9, “let him who is without sin throw the first stone.”  Blinded by hypocrisy, ignorance or simply oblivious to their spiritual condition, many are acting as judge, jury and executioner, piling on with stone after stone.

In view of TMZ’s release on their website earlier in the week of Ray Rice striking his soon to be wife in an elevator, the media has stirred the masses into a tizzy.  With one person down, Ray Rice, kicked to the curb on Monday after being release by the Baltimore Ravens, the next victim is Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL.  People are lining up in droves to take their shots, putting pressure on Goodell to resign.  As radio and television analysts comment on the hot topic of this week, abused women, there’s an eerie silence for the unborn child, killed every day because the law says its okay.

The only person in the media who has made any sense this week is Steve Smith, veteran wide receiver of the Ravens, formerly a member of the Carolina Panthers.  Steve reminded the press that God is the only true judge.  Although citizens like to pretend to be the judge and part of the jury, God will hold everyone accountable based upon what they have done on earth, Matthew 12:36-37.  Before another human being in thrown under the bus this week, refrain yourself the next time you have an urge to trash someone.  For if you do, you will likely reap what you sow and one day you will be at the mercy of the judge, jury and executioner.

by Jay Mankus


Making Sense of Domestic Violence

Unless you’ve been out of the country on vacation, most talk shows listeners and television viewers have gotten an earful from the Ray Rice saga.  After videos showed the Baltimore Ravens star running back beat up his girl friend during the NFL off-season, a recent 2 game suspension for Rice has been perceived too lenient in the public’s eyes, creating a back lash against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  As Hall of Fame Induction weekend has arrived, the topic of domestic violence won’t go away.  Even Steven A. Smith wasn’t exempt from criticism, given this week off by ESPN after claiming woman shouldn’t provoke men.

Anyway, as ESPN, Fox Sports and local sports channels replay Ray Rice’s apology earlier this week, commentators are at a loss, unable to comprehend Rice’s actions.  Well, to be honest, if everyone’s actions we’re video taped like Jim Carrey in the Truman Show, there would be a lot of hand scratching going on.  Nonetheless, there is an important biblical lesson to learn from this unfortunate incident, often the mind and body do things without any logical or rational explanation.  The apostle Paul makes this clear in Romans 7:7-20 as he confesses to losing control despite being disciplined and spirit filled.

Whether you are a pastor, law abiding citizen or criminal, no one can escape the reality of Romans 7:15.  Beneath the surface, souls are losing an invisible battle, Galatians 5:16-18, enabling the flesh to take over.  Once in the driver’s seat, the ugliness of mankind rises to the forefront in the form of acts of the sinful nature.  If you add alcohol to this equation, the probability of violence escalates.  Colossians 3:1-17 gives a blue print for overcoming domestic violence or any other sinful behavior.  If you want answers, the truth can be found in 1 Thessalonians 4:1-2.  Eliminating domestic violence from your life starts with a Christ-like attitude and ends with fruits of the Holy Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23.  May the transformation detailed in Ephesians 5:1 prevent you releasing your anger on or toward another individual.

by Jay Mankus

Out of Place

Since the preseason began in August, the National Football League locked out their regular officials due to a labor dispute.  Thinking these officials could be replaced, the NFL gathered a collection of referees from high school, division 3 college and the lingerie football league.  If you ever watched Sesame Place as a child, one of these things is not like the other; it is simply out of place.

As opening night approached, the commissioner Roger  Goodell, insured fans that these replacements would improve gradually without hurting the integrity of the game.  Except for week 1 of the regular season, the officiating worsened with each game, making it nearly impossible to watch a game from start to finish without talking to yourself, throwing something at your television or complaining after each bad call.  Unfortunately, the officials stuck out like a sore thumb, a pack of zebras at the mall or a toucan flying around in your backyard.

On Monday night, early Tuesday morning on the East Coast, this lockout came to a climax.  On a play now known as the Failed Mary, one official overruled the guy next to him, clearing missing the interception which would have one the game for the Green Bay Packers over Seattle.  Instead, the replacement officials gave Golden Tate a touchdown on this play, sparking  a firestorm of controversy which will likely allow the old officials to return soon.

In our politically correct culture, its hard to speak your mind, tell the truth or vocalize what you believe.  Several NFL coaches learned this lesson, receiving fines from the commissioner’s office.  Whether people like your worldview or not, certain things or absolutely true and others are false, John 18:23.  However, television talk shows have enabled opinions to become equal to or even greater than certain facts.  When the truth becomes out of place, its a clear sign that our society is on the verge of collapsing.  Like the classic Asia song, Only Time Will Time.

by Jay Mankus

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