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Who Will Roll the Stone Away?

When facing a challenge, there are two ways to approach any dilemma, with an open or closed mind.  The optimistic see potential, envisioning that somehow or someway the job or task will be completed.  The skeptic will bring doubt to the table, often rejecting or questioning every possible solution that is brought up.  Thus, when an obstacle is blocking your way, the minds wonders, “how will roll the stone away?”

And they asked each other, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” – Mark 16:3

On a Sunday morning during the first century, a few women headed for a tomb to anoint Jesus’ dead body with spices.  Caught up in all their preparations, none of these women stopped to think about how they were going to enter the tomb.  Guarded by Roman soldiers and protected by a boulder which weighed over a ton, the odds were against them.  However, in this unique case, God cancelled the funeral, arriving to an empty tomb.

For no word from God will ever fail, Luke 1:37.

Every miracle should empower people of faith to believe.  Yet, a disciple named Thomas doubted, another committed suicide and a prophet named Elijah wanted to die after receiving a death threat.  Stones are placed into the paths of our lives on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, most people like me complain, “God why are you allowing this or that to happen?  Or you up there?  Do you care about me anymore?”  These are all good questions, but the answer is easy,  In the Lord’s timing, the Holy Spirit will roll the stones in your life away.

by Jay Mankus



Sunup to Sundown

Beginning December 1st, I will only witness the sun on Sunday’s over the next 3 weeks leading up to Christmas.  As the peak shopping season has commenced, I am planning to spend 18 of the next 21 days at work, from sunup to sundown.  Since my shift starts at 7am and goes until 5:30 pm, the sun doesn’t rise before I arrive and has set well before my ride home.  While there are plenty of lights inside, for now making enough money to survive is of vital importance.

At least for one month, I can relate to the schedule Moses kept during Israel’s 40 year trek in the wilderness, prior to experiencing the promised land, Exodus 18:13-14.  That is until Jethro, a concerned father in law, intervened, providing Moses with a plan to elevate his stress level.  Although I will miss several opportunities for fun in the sun, the bigger picture is etched in my mind.  Despite the exhaustion and pain my body will endure, a large paycheck will make Christmas that much more merrier, knowing I will have the funds to pay off most of our bills.

As a child, I went to sleep every night listening to Here Comes the Sun by the Beattles off their Abbey Road album.  Before the days of itunes, mp3 players, CD’s and cassettes, all I had was a hand me down record player with an 8 track deck.  It wasn’t much, but I treasured this possession, taking good care of it for nearly 20 years until I could afford to buy a new stereo.  Thus, I had a tradition, when the sun set and my lights went out, I maneuvered the needle just in the right place, listened to the dust, occasionally making a skipping sound and feel asleep dreaming of another day of the sun rising over the ocean.  In this Christmas season, may the sun shine bright on your life and family.

by Jay Mankus

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