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The Basis and Object of Faith

While listening to the Great Exchange album, Bruce Carroll was the first Christian artist to introduce me to the concept of living in the pages of the Bible. The lyrics of the song Living in the Pages illustrates the power received by relying on a book that is living and active, Hebrews 4:12. Just as Joshua urged Jews about to enter a promised land to meditate on God’s words day and night, the apostle Paul highlights the basis and object of faith in the passage below.

But what does it say? The Word (God’s message in Christ) is near you, on your lips and in your heart; that is, the Word (the message, the basis and object) of faith which we preach, Romans 10:8.

One of the most influential albums that has shaped my faith is the 1998 DC Talk album Supernatural. This was first Christian group to have a hip secular sound and contain inspirational godly lyrics. The lyrics of Red Letters became of go to song for me when I first became a high school Bible teacher. Like the apostle Paul suggests, faith comes from hearing and reading the Bible. This is basis and object of faith.

So faith comes by hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the preaching [of the message that came from the lips] of Christ (the Messiah Himself), Romans 10:17.

Twenty years later, I have a developed a routine to receive spiritual nourishment daily. Instead of being a big reader, I like a dwell on a couple of verses of the Bible each day. As I read a verse, I write down my thoughts in a journal. Although it may take me a few weeks to complete an entire chapter of the Bible, I try to avoid missing or skipping over crucial principles. Like any athlete starting an new exercise program, make sure you pace yourself, customizing your Bible reading to fit your personality. Whatever you decide, reading the Bible clarifies the basis and object of faith.

by Jay Mankus


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