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The Secret Behind Volunteerism

Whether you are involved in a local church, little league or school, most volunteers often get used and abused.  Subsequently, burnout occurs within  the first few weeks, month or year, leaving organizations scrambling to find a reliable helpers every season.  Depending upon what study you quote, on average 10 percent of a groups’ volunteers does 90 percent of the work.  This raises the question, “what’s the secret behind volunteerism?”

As a former coach and teacher, I struggled to find more than three willing families to assist me annually.  If I could spread their commitment and passion to others, I might be a famous motivational speaker by now.  However, recently I have stumbled upon a few crucial ingredients that transformed the nation of Israel from self centered individuals into servants willing to pitch in.

Beginning in Exodus 35:4-19, Moses makes his plea to the people, similar to a PTA meeting as a vision is cast for what needs to be done in the forseeable future.  Once information has been conveyed, its up to the people involved to rise to the occasion.  Although not as sexy as modern speeches, Moses addresses each need one by one, asking for supplies and workers.  After  listening, each family withdrew to contemplate their role in the big picture of God’s plan, unveiling the secret behind volunteerism in Exodus 35:20-29.

1) Consider the cost before you agree to say yes.

2) Commit to only what you can, without feeling guilty or regret.

3) Come with a willingness to complete the role you have signed up for.

4) Only give based upon the moving of your heart since God loves a cheerful giver.

5) Donate anything you don’t need, use or plan on doing anything with in the future.

6) Find the place or role where you can be an asset for your community.

7) Put the needs of others in front of yourself as giving results in priceless moments.

by Jay Mankus

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