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Good Tidings in the Air

As individuals begin to finish up their Christmas shopping, a sense of relief enters their soul.  Sure, there’s still wrapping gifts, but the hard part is over, along with the long lines and maniac drivers fighting over the last good parking spot.  Maybe this is the reason good tidings appeared in the air today over Delaware.

Although I may never know why, I’m glad that the spirit of Christmas has arrived.  Faces were of good cheer, conversation pleasant and the mood around the office made me proud to be an American.  While its hard to emphasize the good in others, its important not to let a praiseworthy moment go by without a mention.  As I walked out the door for a 5 day break, the concept of rest and relaxation is a refreshing thought, at a perfect time in the year.

There was no baby in a manger or magi coming from afar, yet an angelic presence seemed to shine through, transforming a tired and weary staff.  Like an island of misfit toys, the hope of Christmas breathed a new spirit within the hearts of those present.  Or perhaps I have awoken from a slumber, having my eyes opened for the first time in months.  Regardless of the reason, may you embrace the final days leading up to Christmas as the Holy Spirit stirs hearts and minds to display good tiding in the air.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

by Jay Mankus

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