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Power Bust

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This morning a Florida man woke up to an amazing reality, he was the only one to possess all 6 winning numbers to yesterday’s Power Ball Jackpot.  As a result, he is $550 million richer today, set for life and then some.  Yet, will this newly acquired wealth actually bring joy and happiness into his life?

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Based upon case studies done on former Lottery winners, only 10% experience contentment.  While  pleasure is found short term on getting out of debt and buying luxury items, most individuals aren’t ready for the responsibility and unwanted pressure put on winners by family, friends, neighbors and long lost relatives.  Like famous athletes who tend to accumulate posy followers searching for a free handout, Power Ball Winners often have to go into hiding, struggling to find peace in life.

Although I participate in Lottery, Jackpot or Power Balls that reach in excess of $100 million, God reminded me today that lucky souls can quickly turn into power busts.  The case studies I have read detail lottery winners who spend their prize money within a few years, with many filing for bankruptcy, less than 10 years after collecting their check.  Thus, if you woke up disappointed by your lack of winning numbers, don’t forget the key to spiritual success, Philippians 4:4-7.  May Jesus’ words in his sermon on the mount become etched into your heart, Matthew 6:19-24.  If not, the Power Ball might become a spiritual power bust!

by Jay Mankus

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