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Silencing Liars

In this age of Blogs, Facebook and Twitter, sooner or later someone will post something untrue about you.  When I taught junior high, a student snuck into my room and used my school computer to open up a My Space account in my own name without permission or support.  Meanwhile, a few years later an educational blog claimed I was a faith healer, charging $25 per healing.  Although the second site was a practical joke to illustrate how gossip spreads, the first was intended to harm my reputation as a teacher.  When facts don’t add up with the truth, its time to silence liars

David was a war hero, skilled musician and chosen by God to become Israel’s second king.  Despite having great intentions, 1 Samuel 16:7, David was young, curious and easy prey for temptation.  Thus, when he decided not to report to work for several months, not going off to war in 2 Samuel 11:1, David committed adultery, tried to cover up his own child and had Bathsheba’s husband murdered.  Unfortunately, David’s reputation is often tied to this rebellious streak, opening the door for future innuendos and rumors.  Psalm 63:11 addresses David’s prayer to cease the mouths of his critics.

When you do fall, especially in public, its hard to repair the trust of others that you have broken.  There will always be those who will point out your blemishes.  However, as you walk in the steps of Jesus, 1 John 2:6, the amount of your enemies will decline as long as your talk matches your walk.  If you’re struggling to silence false statements made against you, claim the words of David in Psalm 63:11 to silence the liars in your life.

by Jay Mankus



What Lies Beneath the Surface


In a sense, every day at some point is like a scene from The Truman Show starring Jim Carey.  Whether you are at home, work or out in your community, someone is going to ask you sooner or later, “how are you doing?”  The protocol response is typically “I’m fine,” maybe you chit chat for a moment or two, then you carry on with the rest of your day.  However, what happens when you deviate from the norm?  Does this inquiring mind drop everything to give you their undivided attention or are they simply going through the motions like you, afraid to find out what’s really beneath the surface?

Whenever I have an opportunity to converse with others, I tend to have code words which suggest what lies beneath the surface of my heart.  If I say, “I can’t complain,” this means that I am just doing okay, not great.  However, when I use “I’m surviving,” I am giving people a cue, an invitation to go deep into my life.  Unfortunately, many of my colleagues often miss this sign, too focused on their life, specific tasks or too busy to get involved.

For3 years, Jesus invested his time and energy into 12 men.  Though most of their early discussions were likely superficial, Jesus demonstrated what it meant to be a relational person in John 4.  At their Last Supper together, Matthew 26:17-30, Jesus poured out his heart to his disciples, revealing the anguish and emotions deep inside.  Later on in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus pulls onside his 3 closest friends, Matthew 26:27-28, further sharing the painful burden he was carrying.  These 3 men were so touched, they each fell asleep, unable to tarry in prayer with their brother.

Although we were never with Jesus in this garden, we have all fallen asleep on our brothers and sisters.  Cell phones, game systems and the internet have lured many of us away from developing intimate relationships with the people we love.  What are we fearful of?  Why do we settle for mediocre conversations?  Don’t let another cue fade away into the distant future.  Rather, lend an ear and take a chance by asking a follow up question so that you can get to the bottom of what lies beneath the surface of the people you love.

by Jay Mankus

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