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Hold On To Jesus

As I was reflecting upon the last 7 weeks, waiting on the Lord for a door to walk through, a song from the group Stellar Kart summarizes my experience.  During these 49 days, struggling to find answers, one thought keep me going, Hold on to Jesus.  The ebbs and flows which I encountered led to an emotional roller coaster, feeling great about a potential position only to hear the sound of silence or receive another rejection email.

There were many days since February 1st when I felt like giving up, frustrated by the lack of fruits from my efforts.  However, the lyrics from Hold On was a constant reminder to press on in the dark.  Like the poem Footprints, God has rescued me from the storm, brought me in from the crashing waves and has carried me to the beach.  On the inside, there are still bruises, scars and wounds to my soul, yet my Lifeguard has started to resuscitate me.

In times of uncertainty, I am reminded of Matthew 11:28-29.  Jesus longs to give rest to weary souls.  The Lord does not want us to carry our baggage alone.  Rather, Jesus urges us to bring our burdens to the cross, where we can find comfort and peace.  Therefore, the next you go through a period of desolation, questioning life’s circumstances, remember the lyrics below by holding on to Jesus.

“Hold On”

I am all around you and I see
Everywhere you see I am everything
You believe

If the stars don’t shine tonight
And tomorrow forgets the light
Hold on. hold on to Me.

You are loved completely
You mean everything to me
You will always be here with me

With everything you have
Hold on to me.
Don’t be afraid I’m here to stay
If your hope is running dry
And your dreams have waved goodbye
Hold on. hold on to Me.

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