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Avoiding Another Hagar Scenario

Forcing the issue usually doesn’t work out well in the end. Perhaps, this is what concerned Abraham about allowing Isaac to accompany Eliezer to find a future wife. Whenever something is not meant to be or not God’s will for your life, there’s a temptation to intervene to alter your destiny. This sense of desperation led Sarah to allow her maidservant Hagar to have a child with Abraham.

Abraham said to him, See to it that you do not take my son back there. The Lord, the God of heaven, Who took me from my father’s house, from the land of my family and my birth, Who spoke to me and swore to me, saying, To your offspring I will give this land—He will send His [b]Angel before you, and you will take a wife from there for my son. And if the woman should [c]not be willing to go along after you, then you will be clear from this oath; only you must not take my son back there, Genesis 24:6-8.

Whether you’re playing the role of an adult, coach, parent or teacher, anytime a child is specifically told not to do something, there’s the temptation to do the exact opposite. The apostle Paul addresses this in Romans 7:13-18. Even when God clearly lays out his expectations in Genesis 2:15-17 to Adam and Eve, the urge to cross this line comes naturally via freewill. Subsequently, Isaac is prevented from taking part in the search of his wife.

Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, had borne him no children. She had an Egyptian maid whose name was Hagar. And Sarai said to Abram, See here, the Lord has restrained me from bearing [children]. I am asking you to have intercourse with my maid; it may be that I can obtain children by her. And Abram listened to and heeded what Sarai said. So Sarai, Abram’s wife, took Hagar her Egyptian maid, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his [secondary] wife. And he had intercourse with Hagar, and she became pregnant; and when she saw that she was with child, she looked with contempt upon her mistress and despised her, Genesis 16:1-4.

Learning lessons from past mistakes may be painful at times, but 1 Corinthians 10:1-6 illustrates why its important to live and learn. Whenever you add desperation to human nature, minds don’t think clearly. Especially, if you’re tempted to seek an alternative solution on your own. May the passage above serve as a warning to avoid going outside of God’s will to achieve something you really want. Let go and let God lead the way.

by Jay Mankus


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