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Looking Forward… Not Back

There are certain things in life that are difficult to let go of and move on. This may have been a dream job that was taken away, a relationship that never panned out, or the unexpected loss of someone you loved. While there is usually some sort of grieving period depending upon the circumstance, eventually you have to begin looking forward, not back.

Then the Lord rained on Sodom and on Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of the heavens. 25 He overthrew, destroyed, and ended those cities, and all the valley and all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground. 26 But [Lot’s] wife looked back from behind him, and she [b]became a pillar of salt, Genesis 19:24-26.

If you have ever been in a rush, especially driving in a car, you’re so focused on the traffic in front of you that you don’t think about looking back in your rear view mirror. When you’re experiencing an accident in the making or a natural disaster like Lot, adrenaline takes over. Although Moses doesn’t mention if Lot, his wife and two daughters were running or walking quickly, Lot appears to be focused on reaching Zoar.

Another also said, I will follow You, Lord, and become Your disciple and side with Your party; but let me first say good-bye to those at my home. 62 Jesus said to him, No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back [to the things behind] is fit for the kingdom of God, Luke 9:61-62.

Unfortunately, Lot’s wife is curious by the loud noise behind them. Moses doesn’t say if she comes to a complete stop or glances over her shoulder. Whatever she does leads to a scene from a science fiction film. Perhaps, the demise of Lot’s wife provides an important life lesson: look forward and not back. The apostle adds to this in Philippians 3:12-14, pressing on in life to accomplish God’s will for your life.

by Jay Mankus


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