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Details and Steps Toward Delight in 2023

As someone who has broken my leg, ankle and had major reconstruction surgery on my left leg and ankle, each time my cast was taken off, I had to relearn how to walk again without a limp. This concept also applies to your spiritual life. Whenever addictions, bad habits and sinful cravings that you can’t control pull you away from God, it takes time to recovery spiritually. Just as it takes a long-distance runner time to get back into shape at the start of a new season, developing a quality time of Bible Study and prayer doesn’t happen overnight.

The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step], Psalm 37:23.

According to King David, you have to take one step at a time spiritually. As a new resident of Aiken, South Carolina, I’ve taken my fair share of U-turns to head back in the right direction. For Christians, U-turns are an admission that you’ve been heading in the opposite directions of God. Like a stubborn man unwilling to stop and ask for directions when he’s lost, the quicker Christians stop to confess the errors of their ways to God, James 5:16, the sooner you’ll be heading back in the right direction. Spiritual details come to you as you step toward delighting the Lord once again.

How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! 104 Through Your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way. 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. 106 I have sworn [an oath] and have confirmed it, that I will keep Your righteous ordinances [hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying them], Psalm 119:103-106.

Psalm 119:105 is one of the most quote passages from the Old Testament. Unfortunately, the context of the verses before and after this verse has been neglected. As a teenager, I thought fundamental Christians were crazy. My faith was nothing more than a religion, missing out on a personal relationship with Jesus, Romans 10:9-11. Yet, when I became on fire for God through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the words of the Bible became sweeter than honey. Nearly 40 years later, my daily Bible Study provides details and steps toward delighting the Lord. May today’s blog inspire you to daily read the Bible in 2023.

by Jay Mankus


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