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S.A.N.S. Episode 217: God Only Knows

Formerly known as Joel & Luke and Austoville, the third name change of today’s group was the charm. For King & Country first arrived on the Christian pop scene with their hit song God Only Knows. This duo composed of Australian brothers blends powerful worship lyrics into memorable ballads. Following in the footsteps of my childhood favorite group Men at Work, For King & Country have made their mark in America.

He determines and counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by their names. Great is our Lord and of great power; His understanding is inexhaustible and boundless, Psalm 147:4-5.

The lyrics of God Only Knows is for anyone struggling with the question “why God?” Whether unforeseen circumstances rock your world, it takes time to grasp and understand why a certain trial was allowed to happen to you. Similar to the wisdom left behind in 1 Peter 1:6-7 and James 1:2-4, bad things happen to good people so that faith and maturity forces you to grow spiritually. May God Only Knows remind you that the Lord is indeed in control.

by Jay Mankus


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