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S.A.N.S. Episode 209: Once and For All

Today’s song comes from a group of high school friends that formed their band in December of 1992. Kevin Young, Brad Noah, Adrian DiTommasi and Tim Barrett started the Christian group Disciple. Since this biblical name is used by many churches and ministries, Disciple hasn’t received credit they deserve as musicians. Once and for All is one of many hit songs blending metal with classic rock.

And in accordance with this will [of God], we have been made holy (consecrated and sanctified) through the offering made once for all of the body of Jesus Christ (the Anointed One), Hebrews 10:10.

At the beginning of the attached video, Hebrew 10:10 flashes at the top of the screen. Based upon the lyrics, Disciple is quoting the reality that Jesus died once and for all for all sins in the past, the present and future transgressions. This is the great news of the gospel, the Messiah who was sent to earth as a second Adam to redeem the lost, Romans 5:12-21. May this biblical promise magnify God’s grace.

by Jay Mankus


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