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The origin of Abaddon is found in Judaism. According to the Brown Driver Briggs lexicon, the Hebrew word אבדוןa, avadon, is an intensive form of the Semitic root and verb stem abad. The Greek word for adaddon is Apollyon which means destroyer when translated into English. The context of Abaddon is part of John’s vision who is the angel of Hell also known as the Abyss.

Over them as king they have the angel of the Abyss (of the bottomless pit). In Hebrew his name is Abaddon [destruction], but in Greek he is called Apollyon [destroyer], Revelation 9:11.

Growing up in a Roman Catholic Church, I was taught about the wrath of God in the Old Testament. This biblical emphasis caused me to view God as a disciplinarian. Similar to the words of Moses in Deuteronomy 28:1-2, I believed that obedience to God was the key to having a successful life. Subsequently, I perceived the good and bad things that happened to me as blessings and curses.

The first woe (calamity) has passed; behold, two others are yet to follow, Revelation 9:12.

As I matured in my faith, this mindset was unhealthy and self-destructive. While attending a Sunday School class at Red Lion, a couple introduced me to Restoring the Foundations. This book and ministry helped me fill in the gaps of my flawed theology. If you find yourself in a destructive situation or in the process of being destroyed spiritually, I highly recommend RTF by Chester and Betsy Kylstra.

by Jay Mankus


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