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S.A.N.S. Episode 152: Reckless Love

As someone who tries to keep up with the latest sound in worship music, I’ve learned that certain songs are ideal for a specific voice. Such is the case of Reckless Love. While I’ve heard a heard dozen versions online, I feel that this song suits Steffany Gretzinger of Bethel Music the best. Although you may not always enjoy your worship experience at church, not every worship leader has the voice to do a song justice.

This is My commandment: that you love one another [just] as I have loved you. 13 No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection] than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends, John 15:12-13.

The lyrics of Reckless Love remind me of the words of Jesus in the passage above. Similar to the apostle Paul’s words in Romans 5:8, reckless love involves laying your life down for others. Just as members of the military, police and search and rescue vow to risk their lives daily, God sent his one and only son Jesus to die on a cross for the sins of mankind. May Reckless Love stir your heart and move you to love others.

by Jay Mankus


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