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Why Don’t Politicians Solve Problems?

Every year states hold city, county, and statewide elections. While the House of Representatives serve two-year terms, Senators remain in office for six until their reelection. When a candidate wins their party’s nominee, promises are made to persuade voters. When a candidate chooses to remain positive, campaign promises are highlighted in weekly television advertisements. Yet, when someone gets desperate or slip in the polls, politicians cast blame rather than attempt to solve societies problems.

Jesus answered, My kingdom (kingship, royal power) belongs not to this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My followers would have been fighting to keep Me from being handed over to the Jews. But as it is, My kingdom is not from here (this world); [it has no such origin or source], John 18:36.

One of the reasons former President Donald Trump wasn’t embraced by members of Congress and the Senate was his obsession to work for the voters who elected him into office. While Trump made his wealth through working hard in his businesses, career politicians have become rich from tax payers. At some point in the last half century, American politicians began to leave certain problems unsolved so that they had an issue to run on for reelection. If politicians were honest, solving problems might improve.

Pilate said to Him, Then You are a King? Jesus answered, You say it! [You speak correctly!] For I am a King. [Certainly I am a King!] This is why I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the Truth. Everyone who is of the Truth [who is a friend of the Truth, who belongs to the Truth] hears and listens to My voice. 38 Pilate said to Him, What is Truth? On saying this he went out to the Jews again and told them, I find no fault in Him, John 18:37-38.

Before I followed politics, I watched the West Wing every week with my wife. While this show was slanted in favor of Democrats, it was interesting to begin to grasp the mind of politicians. Following an assassination attempt on the show, Josh who is one of the members of president Bartlet’s staff is rebuked by their campaign manager. When Josh struck a deal on gun control, his decision took away a pivotal campaign strategy. This one episode revealed to me why politicians don’t want to solve certain problems.

by Jay Mankus


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