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When the Truth Remains Inside of You

Star Wars uses the force as a means to find the truth. Using imagery similar to that found in the Bible, light and darkness determine the side that you will choose. The apostle Paul illustrates this internal tug of war in Galatians 5:16-23. From a Christian perspective, truth is signified by acts of God’s Spirit. Any act of disobedience is considered a form of rebellion like Star Wars expression of giving into the dark side.

Because of the Truth which lives and stays on in our hearts and will be with us forever: 2 John 1:2.

Before I decided to become a Christian, I started to hang around people in high school who always seemed to be happy. These individuals attended a monthly Fellowship of Christian Athletes Bible Study. Although I didn’t attend until the midway point of high school, there was something hidden inside of them. After attending an off-campus event as a sophomore, Skip Wilkins introduced me to this Truth.

Because of the Truth which lives and stays on in our hearts and will be with us forever: 3 John 1:4.

Every human being has their own story of success and failures in life. For me, learning was never easy. As a student, I had to fight for B’s and C’s. As a new Christian, I got involved in as many church related activities that I could fit into my sports schedule. While Accountability Groups, Bible Studies, Service Projects and Retreats were great, it was the Bible that transformed me from the inside out. If you meditate on God’s Word like Joshua 1:8, the truth will remain inside of you through the living years.

by Jay Mankus


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