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S.A.N.S. Episode 21: Some Day

As someone who tries to be a connoisseur of Christian music, I appreciate artists who can show range. Some musicians change with the times to give their fans what they want. In the case of Plankeye, their debut album Spill was heavy metal. By 1997, Plankeye transitioned to more of a classic rock feel with a few songs that make you want to snap your fingers to the rhythm of the beat.

For He says, I will declare Your [the Father’s] name to My brethren; in the midst of the [worshiping] congregation I will sing hymns of praise to You, Hebrews 2:12.

Today’s song Some Day is the first song on the One and the Other album. The lyrics of Some Day refer to individuals who don’t see eye to eye on an issue. When new Christians begin to interact with friends from their past, it may be hard to communicate why you decided to give your life to Jesus. Therefore, the prayers of many believers is to wait for the day when a non-believer begins to understand your faith.

by Jay Mankus


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