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The Peerless Bridge

Following its opening on April 15, 1964, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel was selected as “One of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World.”  This 17.6 miles Bridge-Tunnel provides a direct link between Southeastern Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula. Anyone who has driven this stretch of US Highway 13, you don’t have to worry about heights. However, as the road disappears underneath a major shipping channel, a peerless faith is necessary to get you safely through darkness to the other side.

Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses], Hebrews 11:1.

Peerless refers to beyond comparison, incomparable, matchless, second to none and unsurpassed. The author of Hebrews devotes an entire chapter to illustrate individuals who possessed a peerless faith. Names such as Abel, Enoch, Noah and Abraham are synonymous with faith. The key to possessing a peerless faith involves an unwavering trust in an invisible God. Instead a living by sight, seeing what’s in front of you, a peerless faith keeps going by reaching out for Jesus’ hand when it gets dark.

But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out], Hebrews 11:6.

While in college, I was introduced to the Bridge Illustration during an Evangelism Explosion Course. This analogy used the Grand Canyon as the great divide between mankind and God. This cliff was formed by the sins of the world, a form of spiritual erosion making this gap wider and wider each day. The only way to get to the other side is by crossing the peerless bridge. While unseen by the human eye, this invisible structure is in the form of a cross. The only way to heaven is by crossing over on this peerless bridge.

by Jay Mankus

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