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Without History Nations Forget Their Past Mistakes

There is a growing movement to remove any memorial, monument or statue that reminds individuals of America’s troubled past. Whether it’s the confederacy, slavery or sins of our founding fathers, activists are leading citizens to weekly target any statue that they find to be offensive. Following the unfortunate death of George Floyd, this process has been expedited. Every day cities across this nation have reported damaged, graffitied or removed statues in downtown areas.

Nevertheless, God was not pleased with the great majority of them, for they were overthrown and strewn down along [the ground] in the wilderness. Now these things are examples (warnings and admonitions) for us not to desire or crave or covet or lust after evil and carnal things as they did, 1 Corinthians 10:5-6.

In the first century, the apostle Paul devotes an entire chapter to reminding Israel of their past transgressions. According to Paul, past errors and mistakes serve as a helpful reminder. A warning from the past to avoid repeating previous acts of disobedience. Paul highlights some of the more egregious offenses committed by Israel. Without a well documented history, individuals and nations will be unaware of the past, opening the door repeat past mistakes.

Do not be worshipers of false gods as some of them were, as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink [the sacrifices offered to the golden calf at Horeb] and rose to sport (to dance and give way to jesting and hilarity). We must not gratify evil desire and indulge in immorality as some of them did—and twenty-three thousand [suddenly] fell dead in a single day! We should not tempt the Lord [try His patience, become a trial to Him, critically appraise Him, and exploit His goodness] as some of them did—and were killed by poisonous serpents; 10 Nor discontentedly complain as some of them did—and were [a]put out of the way entirely by the destroyer (death), 1 Corinthians 10:7-10.

In the past week, protesters have seized a six block area of downtown Seattle, Washington. Now known as CHAZ, short for the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, leaders have constructed a boarder wall, planted agriculture and have given local officials a list of demands. Comprised of a members from Antifa and Black Lives Matters, only time will tell what will happen to this new nation. However, if reminders of the past continue to be removed, how long will it take to Chaz to repeat America’s troubled past.

by Jay Mankus


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