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The Flight 93 Election

Flight 93 will forever be known for the heroes on September 11th, 2001 who prevented 4 al-Qaeda terrorists from crashing their hijacked plane into the Capital Building and or the White House. Instead passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 rushed the cockpit, causing their Boeing 757 to crash in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. A monument and visitor center has since been built, situated on a hill overlooking the crash site. In 2006, director Paul Greengrass oversaw the production of Flight 93 to honor the memory of these brave Americans.

Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men, and I will appoint them as your heads,’ Deuteronomy 1:13.

Fifteen years later, an anonymous article was written just prior to the 2016 Presidential Election. This piece was entitled the Flight 93 Election. This essay was designed to persuade “Never Trumpers” to reconsider sitting out the 2016 Election. Penned under the alias Publius Decius Mus, it was later discovered that the author of this piece was Michael Anton. This article begins with a call to action, “rush the cockpit or die.” Anton uses a metaphor to ask readers do you want to play Russian Roulette with Hillary Clinton as president or take your chances with Trump?

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan, Proverbs 29:2.

As the 2020 Presidential race now takes center stage, more articles will be written to favor one candidate over another. Yet, I want to go back to the Flight 93 Election. Anton weighs the pro and cons of both candidates. Without saying it, there is no perfect politician. You will never agree with every decision, policy position or vision. However, at some point voters have to decide, what person will be better for your state or country? Casting a vote is never easy. However, make sure you read the entire Flight 93 Election to guide your thoughts before November’s election.

by Jay Mankus


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