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Living in Unbroken Fellowship

Whenever you purchase or receive something that is brand new, there is a tendency to be careful and cautious to preserve and protect a pristine condition. New car owners tend to go the extra mile to clean, maintain and watch over their vehicle by parking it in such a manner to prevent the first imperfection from occurring. Meanwhile, proud owners of other high retail value items often go through a honeymoon period. As an individual or family savors the newness of advanced technology, happiness, joy and pleasure is found in unbroken fellowship.

For by the death He died, He died to sin [ending His relation to it] once for all; and the life that He lives, He is living to God [in unbroken fellowship with Him], Romans 6:10.

After saving money for a couple of years, my wife and I decided to buy a new used car over Labor Day Weekend. Despite having a little over 100,000 miles, the exterior and interior looked brand new. Unfortunately, a week after driving it, my car was side swiped during a college visit. This accident helped my realize how superficial my love affair was with this vehicle. After reading the passage above, my goal should be to live in unbroken fellowship with God. This should be my focus and priority for 2020.

[So] if we say we are partakers together and enjoy fellowship with Him when we live and move and are walking about in darkness, we are [both] speaking falsely and do not live and practice the Truth [which the Gospel presents]. But if we [really] are living and walking in the Light, as He [Himself] is in the Light, we have [true, unbroken] fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses (removes) us from all sin and guilt [keeps us cleansed from sin in all its forms and manifestations], 1 John 1:6-7.

Yet, enjoying fellowship with God is complicated. Human nature steers individuals toward darkness, curious and wondering what is on the other side of the boundaries clearly defined in the Bible. If you gaze too long on the other side of the fence, enticement and lust is conceived. Those who act upon these feelings, end up walking in darkness and sometimes break off their relationship with God. Nonetheless, John provides a chance for redemption through forgiveness. Therefore, if you possess a contrite heart, eager to make up with God, living in unbroken fellowship is still possible after confessing your sins daily.

by Jay Mankus

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