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The Impact of the Bible

Ten years ago I began to see how high school textbooks were being scrubbed of all biblical references.  The revisionist history of the founding of the United States is nearly complete now with many Christians unaware of this radical plot to erase Christ from history books.  To make matters worse time is now defined as Before Common Era and the Common Era.  Before Christ and After Christ’s Death, BC and AD, isn’t even used at the new Museum of the Bible in Washington DC.  Nonetheless, the impact of the Bible on America and throughout the world can not be hidden from those who seek the truth about the history of this world.

“I cannot tell you how much I sometimes long for the Bible.  I read it daily, but I would really like to know it by heart and to see life in the light of that phrase, Your word is a light for my path and a lamp for my feet,”. Vincent van Gogh wrote this in a 1877 letter referencing Psalm 119:105.

During my first visit to the new Bible Museum, the second floor, Level 2, contains the most fascinating exhibits.  Entitled the Impact of the Bible, you can’t go 25 feet without seeing or reading quotes from civil rights leaders, presidents and scientists about the Bible.  Walking from one display to the next, my wife and I did not recognize several of the names of these influential spiritual leaders.  At one point I turned to my wife Leanne to reply, “I wish I would have read about these people in high school or college.”  I counted 7 presidents who I don’t consider to be religious, referring to the Bible as a vital source to education.

“No study is more important to the child than the study of the Bible and of the truths which it teaches,” Woodrow Wilson 1913.

The quote above is from the founder of the Progressive Movement in America.  Despite all of Wilson’s progressive policies, including the eventual formation of the Federal Reserve Bank, this president boldly professed how essential the Bible is within education.  Unfortunately, just as most colleges on the east coast were Christian based initially, liberal, progressive and social ideas have expelled the Bible from most campuses today.  During his life long ministry, Billy Graham stated, “the Bible will always be the center of controversy.”  In this politically correct age, anything offensive is attacked, targeted or completely banned.  While the impact of the Bible is currently fading in America, God always raises up a remnant of believers somewhere on earth to pass the Living Word of God to the next generation.

by Jay Mankus

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