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Thy Way; not My Ways

Lately, I feel like a white rat being used for a psychology experiment.  Lab Technicians are observing my progress as I work my way through a labyrinth.  As I attempt to get from point A, unemployment, to point B, a full time position which utilizes my God given talents, I keep running into dead ends.  The moment I think I have arrived, God puts up another road block similar to Acts 16:6-7, whispering, “this is not the path I have chosen for you.”

Befuddled, clueless and dumbfounded, I am running out of options.  Though I am becoming an expert in writing cover letters, my percentages of interest these emails have generated makes me feel like an amateur fisherman who is being toyed with by smarter fish.  Since my ways are failing daily, Proverbs 19:21, I hope the growing pains I am encountering end soon as I move aside toward Yahweh’s way.

As my trial nears a full calendar year tomorrow, the words of the apostle Paul in Philippians 2:12-13 have a deeper meaning for me.  Trying to work out your salvation is a grueling process, a clear indication that sanctification is a long way from completion.  Despite my best efforts, I am still a sinner in desperate need of a Savoir, Romans 6:23.  Therefore, while I currently attend the school of hard knocks, I long to graduate soon, seeking to become a Rhode scholar on Thy Way!

by Jay Mankus


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