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Know What You’re Looking For

A man and a woman’s idea of shopping are often world’s apart.  Women tend to enjoy the experience, searching for bargains, savings and obtaining the best deal.  Meanwhile, men tend to follow what I call the “In and Out Philosophy;” going into a store, buying what you’re looking for and getting out as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, not all stores carry the product you are searching for or don’t have them in stock when you need it.

Like shopping, stereotypes often tamper with your beliefs.  It only takes one negative experience to shift your trust from one store to the next or from one person to another.  Dirty laundry has always existed, usually developing into reputations that influence your opinion about someone, something or a specific retail store.  However, be careful that you don’t fall prey to gossip or else you might miss what you are looking for.

According to John 1:43-46, Nazareth did not have a ringing endorsement, especially from those who lived outside of this first century town.  Buying into the hype, Nathanael became narrow minded, disregarding anyone who had been born or raised here.  If it wasn’t for his friend Philip, Nathanael might have gone through life like Jesus’ own brothers and sisters, who rejected the idea that he was the promised Messiah.  Instead, be like Andrew and Peter in John 1:40-41, who knew what they were looking for and once they found Jesus, quickly followed the Son of the Living God!

by Jay Mankus

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